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Variable Data Printing and Imaging

Variable Data Printing and Imaging

Businesses that send postcards, brochures, newsletters and sell sheets to prospective clients have found success using variable data printing and imaging, which is a printing technique that enables brands to produce color printing materials with specialized information. This could include specific names, marketing messages, photographs and merchandise, depending on the needs of companies' marketing campaigns.

Specifically tailor your copy, images and colors to appeal to customers and better engage readers. Any document with text or images driven from a database is “variable data printing” (VDP). Vary text, photos, designs, offers, colors and more on your single page brochures, postcards, magazines and other booklets.

With VDP you have the ability to use what you know about your recipients to craft a message that is personalized and unique.  Many businesses, organizations and schools have gathered this information using PURLS and increased ROI and response rates.

  • Insert names
  • Personalize copy, colors and images
  • Each piece is different, based on variables: EX: customer’s characteristics, past purchases, gender, income.. 
  • Personal, timely, and persuasive
  • Insert photos, directions, contact information

Vary your merchandising mix corresponding to demographics, psychographics and purchase behavior.

Variable data printing enables brands to reach consumers with messages made for them, which has been proven to boost return on investment and response rates in print marketing initiatives. Companies can cut through generic messages with their own highly personalized ones and make customers feel more appreciated with variable data printing.

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