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Going Green


We want to meet the needs of the present and not compromise the future. Lets work together to make a smaller footprint.


Soy Based Inks



Printing Center USA uses Eco-friendly Soy based inks, which are kind to the environment. These greener printing inks emit fewer volatile organic compounds then petroleum-based inks.  Soy based inks are also beneficial during the paper recycling process since removing soy ink stains from paper is easier then other artificial inks.


Printing Center USA’s green efforts involves selecting paper products that are recycled from certified sustainable production systems.  To reduce the impact on forest resources, reduced air pollution and water pollutions, reduced water and energy consumption and reduced solid waste. 
More recycled paper options available upon request.

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Printing Center USA’s green printing efforts involves partnering with other companies committed to environmental efforts. 

HP was ranked #1 on the 2010 Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s 100 best corporate citizens list



How We Help Clean Your Mailing List
Other In-House Green Efforts

PrintingCenterUSA puts your list through the cleaner to remove duplicates, undeliverable addresses and errors.  We use a ZIP code corrector, NCOA, and CASS certify.

  • Recycling containers are positioned throughout the entire facility
  • Online paperless ordering
  • Online paperless proofing
  • Color calibration helps to reduce errors and reprints
  • PrintingCenterUSA recycles trimmed paper pieces and we use extra printing space and larger paper scraps for notepad paper for in-house use or given to customers.

Join Us! Ways You Can Help:

Here is a simple list you can implement for your next print project.

Use this recycle me please logo on any of your print materials.

 Recycle Me Icon

• Print smaller runs and try not to warehouse your print
• Recycle non used or outdated materials
• Include a recycle me message on your mailer to help remind customers
• Recycle your boxes after the product is shipped to you

A clean mailing list for a cleaner tomorrow

• Remove invalid names and addresses from your list
• Provide opt-out options for customers that do not want to receive mail
• Keep an up-to-date Do Not Mail list
• Keep a preferred method of contact list for your customers
• Implement a program that encourages customers to notify you if there is incorrect mailing information
• Personalize your message and use QR Codes to increase the relevance and return on your mailing

These practices not only help us reduce waste but also saves you money! Contact Details:
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