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PETA Launches Postcard Printing Campaign to Raise Awareness

The postcards are designed to raise awareness about seals.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal rights advocacy group, has launched a postcard printing initiative to generate awareness of its latest push against the hunting of seals in Canada, the Globe and Mail reports.

The postcard depicts a seal asking for "anything but a Canadian Club" from a server at a bar. The message is driven home by a black-and-white photograph of a hunter standing over a seal with a club on the backside of the postcard. PETA will hand the postcards out to Toronto residents at popular locations, such as bars.

"It doesn't look like an ad that's against the seal hunt, it just looks like an interesting cartoon," Dan Mathews, vice president of PETA in New York, told the source. "And there's so many cartoons like that, that promote booze, that it just seemed a perfect way to sneak up on people and introduce the debate where they're least expecting it."

Using humor to promote a message can be risky, as brands may alienate people who don't get the joke. However, postcard printing is relatively cost-efficient, which helps mitigate any potential losses from PETA's campaign. 

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