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New Hampshire Town Develops Brochure to Attract More Businesses

Brochures can help boost exposure


The town of Windham, New Hampshire, has developed its first-ever promotional brochure to help generate interest in the region among business owners. The brochure will be provided to organizations that contact the city looking for information, as well as real estate brokers and the state's Department of Resources and Economic Development.

"We felt this ... was helpful to [provide] some basic information that most businesses are looking for at first," community development director Laura Scott told the Eagle-Tribune. "Obviously, there are more detailed conversations that happen when a business is looking to locate to a community but there needs to be something to start that conversation."

The brochure contains basic information about the community, such as demographics, maps of major roadways, contact information for town departments and a not-for-profit directory. It also includes a sales pitch that tells entrepreneurs why Windham is a good place to start a business.

Many towns use brochures to promote themselves. For example, Tampa Bay released a brochure in December to drive more tourists to the city. 



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