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Sports Agency Recruits New Players Using Print Marketing Materials

The sports agency is leveraging brochures.


One of the key components of a sports agent's job is to find and recruit new talent, and they need to use a variety of mediums to accomplish this goal. One agency, TWC Sports Management, is leveraging brochures to do just that.

As Business Insider notes, agency brochures tend to include information such as client lists and past success stories. What is unique about TWC Sports Management is that they not only have a physical brochure, but they also have a digital version online that both athletes and prospective competitors can view.

"[Most agents] believe that putting names out there will allow rivals an opportunity to view the list and then focus on recruiting those players. Further, many agents refuse to publicize any of their marketing material," notes the source.

Businesses should take note of TWC Sports Management's campaign. Integrating both online and offline components can help companies reach a broader spectrum of consumers, which is vital for boosting general brand awareness. Moreover, it's also incredibly easy to make a digital version of a brochure available on the web.



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