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Dentist Leverages Door Hanger Printing to Boost ROI

Smile Brands used door hangers to reach new patients.


Smile Brands, a dentist network based out of California, recently engaged potential patients through a door hanger printing campaign. The initiative turned out to be a huge success, generating a 30 percent return on investment with the initial 35,000-piece run.

The company doesn't usually rely on door hanger printing initiatives, but felt it was the best strategy to reach consumers in Colorado. Smile Brands defines the campaigns ROI in terms of revenue generated per patient, cost per acquisition and response rates, Chief Marketer notes.

"We've been doing direct mail for a long time - an advantage of having very well-defined expectations of results," says Brown. "But the trick is taking it to the next level, finding new strategies that can layer onto what we're already doing well, and making sure we're reaching our particular customer segments with the right messaging at the right time."

Door hanger printing is so effective because it's a disruptive marketing tactic. Consumers have to remove the piece from their door knobs, which forces them to give it a few seconds of their undivided attention.


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