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California Schools Launch Postcard Printing Campaign to Decry Budget Cuts

Teachers are writing postcards decrying proposed budget cuts.


Educators across California met in front of San Leandro High School yesterday to protest potential budget cuts proposed by new legislature, the San Leandro Patch reports. The protesters are urging the local government to extend tax increases rather than enact the proposed budget cuts.

Tuesday's protests are only one part of a week-long campaign. On Monday, parents and educators used postcard printing to raise awareness of the issue, both among legislators as well as friends and family. Later this week, protesters also plan to launch a Facebook campaign and a rally in San Francisco.

"Governor Jerry Brown's initial budget proposal, which includes only minimal cuts to K-12 funding, depended on legislators voting to put three tax extensions up for a public vote and, subsequently, on voter approval of those extensions," explains the source.

In March, Michigan elementary schools similarly used postcard printing as a part of their budget cut protests. Postcards are inexpensive to print, making them effective, low-cost promotional tools.


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