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College uses postcards to remind students to sign up for class

Students are receiving postcards to remind them to sign up for classes.


Barstow Community College recently embarked on a postcard printing campaign to remind students to sign up for classes, the Barstow Desert Dispatch reports.

Rather than receiving a full printed version of all the classes and schedules, the college is using postcards to direct students to the school's website, where they can access the same information. The postcard initiative will help BCC cut back on the volume of printed materials it produces and also save money.

"Everyone who receives a schedule doesn't necessarily pick a class," Maureen Stokes, a college spokesperson, told the source. "The postcard was more effective at reminding those people that we are here and here's how you get access to classes."

The school anticipates that the new postcard campaign will help it save about $10,222 per year in postage and production costs.

Postcards can be used to effectively grab recipients' attention, as they are often different sizes than traditional letters. This helps senders stick out in recipients' cluttered mailboxes.

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