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Booklets are effective marketing tools because they engage consumers. Many people enjoy the tactile reinforcement of actually holding promotional materials in their hands as they learn about products and services. This engagement, in turn, boosts consumer confidence in a company and may lead to a sale.

For example, if a construction firm was trying to sell a crane, they might want to consider booklets to ensure their clients are fully educated about the product that they are trying to sell.

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When it comes to short run digital, offset, color and /or black and white printing booklets, Printing Center USA is a specialist with experience producing a variety of printed booklet projects. We also offer variable data digital color booklet printing.

We use only premium products, and we also offer competitive prices for orders of 1 to 10,000 booklets.

Booklet Marketing and Fundraising Ideas

Add QR codes throughout your next booklet print project to direct to your website, discounts, contact details, maps and more!For short run booklet printing add variable data to personalize offers, images, and text to better target your audience. Call to get started!


More Marketing & Fundraising Ideas For Booklet Printing:

Booklets are successful for marketing, educating and gaining awareness.

Incorporate booklet printing into your marketing efforts for a sure way to get results. Booklets can help you to become an expert in your field. Set the tone for your company or marketing campaign with a full color printed booklet. Sometimes the simplest booklets that help customers make better-educated purchasing decisions become the most successful piece in your marketing campaign.

Booklet Printing Examples:

Booklet Printing
Auction Booklet Printing
City Booklets
Dog Booklets

Images and visuals are the best way to catch a customer's attention.

Booklets help demonstrate qualities of products and services making purchasing easy. The size of booklet printing makes it easy to classify and clarify information to help guide customers through your booklet. Show off benefits, techniques or details of your products educating customers in the buying process.

Booklet Printing Case Studies

Association Booklet: Boost Membership: The Vintage Sailplane Association prints a 20-page quarterly booklet to boost membership and inform pilots about what’s going on in the world of gliders.

Organization Booklet: Group Advertising The Midwest Furniture Club prints a booklet every year to advertise furniture reps throughout the mid west to help build industry sales

Health booklet vital minerals Vital Earth Minerals Targeted marketing helps address audience’s needs in a booklet.

Animal Foundation Booklet: Auction Event Fundraising: A Nonprofit Organization, The Animal Foundation, has an annual fundraising event they call the “Fur Ball” which they use a printed booklet for the charity auction event.

Travel- booklet/guide printing costa rica dream Digitally Printed Booklets/guides Help Costa Rica Dream Makers Spend Less While Maintaining High Quality.


Booklet printing sets you apart from the competition.

It is easier to trust what we read in a printed piece then what we find online. We live in a fast pace, over saturated marketing environment. People want trustworthy information. A printed booklet is just that. Studies show booklet printing is a successful and affordable way to reach an audience and gain their trust.

Need more fresh ideas for incorporating booklet printing into your marketing campaigns or fundraising efforts?
Read the below and check out our market smarts section for helpful booklet ideas. You'll find booklet case studies, variable data articles and booklet printing examples at your fingertips in our market smarts section.

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Booklet Printing And Mailing

Booklets:  if a piece is saddle-stitched bound into a booklet it may be mailed as a flat or a letter depending on the dimensions of the piece.  Anything that exceeds one of the maximum dimensions for letter-class mail is considered a flat.  That means it would be either more than 6 1/8” in height or more than 11 1/2” in length.  

If a flat-sized piece is thin enough it may be possible to fold it in half and still mail it at letter-class postage rates. 

Special tabbing rules apply for all letter-class booklet mailings.  There must be two 1 ∏” tabs on the leading edge (the right hand edge if you are looking at the address), and one 1 ∏” tab on the trailing edge.   This is true for a letter sized booklet where the bound edge is on the bottom of the piece or for a larger booklet folded in half to letter size.  For a folded-in-half booklet the spine should be on the right and the fold on the bottom. 

For a flat-sized booklet the height of the piece is considered as the longer side regardless of how the address is oriented.  The address is required to be placed in the top half of the piece and the spine must be on the right or leading edge.

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