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If you're looking for a cost-efficient way to promote your products and generate awareness for your brand, than it doesn't get much better than flyer printing. Flyers are low-cost materials that can generate a lot of exposure for brands and their products.

Flyers come in a variety of shapes and styles, the only limit is your imagination. The most effective flyers will use vibrant colors and interesting imagery to catch readers' attention. Then, they will make use of well-written marketing copy to sell products or services.
PrintingCenterUSA has worked with a number of clients to produce their promotional flyers. You can check the examples below if you need some inspiration - be sure to observe how they format their flyers and design the lay out.
Full-color flyer printing services is affordable when you make use of our services. We offer a variety of formats and can even create custom flyers specifically for your business. Better yet, because PrintingCenterUSA is an online printer, we can offer competitive prices on orders fewer than 5,000 flyers.

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Flyer Printing Marketing and Promtional Tips

Flyer printing is basic, easy and affordable, so why not find ways to incorporate them into your marketing. Sometimes the simplest forms of advertising are the most effective. Looking to entice customers to return to your store, increase awareness about a new product, or to get more people to attend your show? Then use what other businesses nationwide are using: Flyer Printing! Here are a few ideas to spread your message the easy and fast way with full color flyer printing.

Flyer Printing Examples
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Agriculture Flyer Printing
Automotive Flyer Printing
Photography Flyer Printing
Recreation Flyer Printing
Sports & Event Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing As a Personal Invitation
Have a charismatic personality? Pair it with a flyer and personally invite people. Use flyer printing as a way to pass along pertinent information and help to sell your products or services.

Flyer Printing Case Studies

Nonprofit Flyer Request Cards: The Todd Becker Foundation uses many different printed pieces in their marketing and fundraising efforts and one of the most critical concerns is to be able to maintain colors and quality across all the different pieces.

Flyer Printing In a Network
When advertising, find other business owners that have products or services that compliment your line of work and do an exchange. Feature each others flyers or share the cost of printing and advertise together on one flyer. Find a few companies to network with to help build business for all of you or cut back on your marketing expenses.

Flyer Printing Case Studies Flyer Printing For Tradeshow Entrance Packets
Many trade shows and events allow you to include a flyer in the entrance packet. Or if you don’t want to spend the extra money to feature your booth in the packet, compile your own packets to pass out to attendees.

Read more flyer printing marketing tips in the below links or check out our print marketing section for great printing, marketing, and fund raising ideas.

Additional Flyer Printing Resources and Ideas
Business Promotional Flyers - Business promotional flyers are a cheap way to promote your business. Flyer printing is a cost effective way to get great promotional results.  Here are a couple quick tips for creating  your business promotional flyers.

Tips For Cheap Flyer Printing Promotions - When it comes to promoting events, flyers can be cost-efficient and powerful marketing tools. Additionally, they are perfect for short-notice advertising needs because they can be printed quickly.

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Basic standards for Flyer mailing services

The placement of the address can determine the price and eligibility of the mail piece. The placement of the address may render a piece non-mailable or non-machinable. An acceptable mailing address must include:

  • Intended recipients name or other designation
  • Delivery address
  • City, State and Zip code or ZIP+4 code.
Elements on the face of a mailpiece
A clear space of 4” x 2” must be available on all mail for the address. Also be sure to include a return address and a permit or stamp area. The location of the delivery address on a letter-size mailpiece determines which dimensions are the length and height of the piece.

Physical standards for Letter
Max for letters and other cards: 6.12 inches high, 11.5 inches long and .25 inches thick. Length is the dimension parallel to the address as read. The folded edge must be at the bottom of your mailing panel. If the size of the brochure has a side folded as well, put this fold to the right edge of the panel.

Estimated Postage rates
Postage is based on whether or not the pieces being mailed qualify for Automated Machinable rates.

Presort Std .233¢ - .2123¢
1st Class .335¢ - .414¢

Presort Standard mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces. First class Presorted mail requires 500 pieces or more. Contact Details:
Main address: 117 9th Street North Great Falls MT 59401 United States ,
Tel:( 800) 995-1555 , Fax:(406) 771-7777 , E-mail: