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Letterhead Examples

When it comes to grabbing customers' attention, nothing is worse than plain white sheets of paper. Fortunately, you can turn boring letters and messages into stylish corporate communications by adding custom letterheads.
Letterheads are designs that occupy the top and bottom margins of an ordinary piece of paper. Most companies take the opportunity to reinforce their brand by including their logos or other company symbols. You can also add more flair by including strips of color along the top and bottom of each page.
Below are some examples of how other companies worked custom letterheads into their ordinary stationery. The key is to view the space as a clean slate to show off your company's creative side. Check out the examples for ideas on layout and color use.
To get started with your own custom letterheads, just check out our products page for an instant quote or call in if you prefer a custom project. Printing Center USA has worked with a number of brands in the past, and we're sure we can help you create the perfect letterhead for your company.

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