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PrintingCenterUSA Makes EDDM Printing Fast and Easy for You!

Send your Next Direct Mailer for as little as 14.5 cents a piece.

Nobody makes EDDM easier. Let PrintingCenterUSA help you cut through all of the red tape with your next EDDM printing and mailing. Check out our New Customer Trial Order. We now offer 1000’s of customizable pre-designed templates to help you with your EDDM postcard design.

 PrintingCenterUSA does it all for you. To Order Call 800-995-1555

PrintingCenterUSA cuts through all of the red tape -NO LISTS, NO PERMITS, NO FEES  

  • Assists you in courier route selection.
  • Help you get proper paper work and mailing forms for USPS.
  • Sees that your EDDM print and mail piece is printed in 2-4 days after proof approval.
  • Your EDDM piece is drop shipped to destination post office in 1-3 days with required mailing forms.
  • USPS distributes your EDDM mailing piece to every business and household in specified carrier route or routes within three days.

Here’s what happens when you place your EDDM order with PrintingCenterUSA

  1. First-PrintingCenterUSA helps you pick your carrier routes vial Go to meeting or Join meeting.
  2. Our expert CSR will help you with the USPS paper work and take care of it with the mailing.
  3. Our printing services offer several design option for you.
    You design or your designer does the design. 
    You use our FREE ON LINE DESIGN services.
    Our creative EDDM mailing designer will design an eye catching mailing piece for you.
  4. Our printing company sends you a FREE PDF proof or hard copy proof.
  5. You pay for the printing, postage, and shipping.
  6. WE PRINT!
  7. Our printing and mailing services include taking your EDDM mailing piece to the post office with the paper work and pay for the shipping and postage.
  8. Your EDDM mailing gets shipped prepaid to your BMEU destination, who delivers it via carrier route at rates as low as 14.5 cents per piece.

That’s it!

Then you have to go to work when your mailer starts bringing in the customers you’ve been waiting for.

With the other guy,

  • You would have had to go on line to the USPS EDDM site
  • Figure out what’s going on
  • Pick your carrier routes
  • Fill out the paper work, which I’m sure is one of your favorite things to do,
  • Get the design taken care of, which you have to do with us also.
  • The EDDM mailer still has to be printed 
  • They would ship it to you!
  • You would have to drive to the PO
  • You would have to lug it to the PO window , which we all love to do.
  • Pay for it
  • Drive back home or to the office in all of the traffic.

You Choose. With PrintingCenterUSA, you can forget Steps 2, 3, and 4, 7, 8, 9 and 11and all the other crap you have to do! 

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