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3 days ago
As ALWAYS great service from start to finish !!
one year ago
The print quality and card stock quality are great...very pleased with that. I will definitely try again, but there are a couple things I would like to see improved upon to be a loyal customer. I had the postcards shipped to my home and the packaging was cumbersome and inefficient. The 1900 cards arrived in one box, which weighed too much for me to carry into my house. The box was already ripped all along one side, probably from being so heavy. EDDM requires the post cards to be bundled in stacks of 50-100. Mine arrived in packages of 200 (actually 199) and 150, so I had to count out all 1900, which was really inefficient. It would be nice if they sent them packaged as 50-100 and labeled or with some notation.
one year ago
Printing Center was very helpful and very responsive to our concerns and needs. The product came when they said it would and it looked just as it should. Thank you!
Color: 4/4, 4/1, 4/0 | Size: 5 x 7 | Quantity: 10 - 10,000
Paper: 12 pt C1S (1 Side) | 14pt or 12 pt Gloss Cover | 100# Uncoated Cover (14pt)


The EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL® Program that the United States Postal Service® is currently marketing is the best program to come out of the postal service in decades.

You can print and mail your Every Door Direct Mail® campaign, all with a click of a mouse. We offer Every Door Direct Mail® downloadable templates to help you get the right message to your customers and stretch your marketing dollar. We offer a full line of USPS Every Door Direct Mail® accepted size postcards and folded mailers that are guaranteed to meet USPS® regulations, and at a cost that won’t hurt your budget.

EDDM® Design and Marketing Plan

Need help with a design or a marketing plan for your EDDM® mail piece?

Every Door Direct Mail® CONSULTATION:

  • Maximize your return by contacting one of our specialists to walk you through the design, mailing, and ROI process for your mail piece.
  • Our experts have experience and case studies to help you decide on the best offerings for your business, to elevate responses, and increase new leads and contacts for your business.
  • Click Here to request a free Consultation.

Every Door Direct Mail® DESIGN:

  • Don’t have a design, don’t worry, our printing company provides a full service design.

How the Design Process works:

Turnaround time refers to the time it takes to produce an order after approval is received. Once you place your order, Prepress will review and assess your file to be print-ready. With your approval Prepress imposes your file for the press, the job is printed and goes to bindery where any number of additional processes take place (UV Coating, Binding, Folding, Trimming, Die-cutting, Hand Assembly, Inserting, Drilling, etc.) Once your job is complete it moves to the Shipping (or Mailing) department where it is prepped to ship (or mail). Turnaround time begins the following day from the day you approve your project and will be determined from what you selected when you place your order. .


If you don’t like it you can cancel at any time before proof approval so you will NOT be stuck with a piece you don’t like.

Need to use a FREE Design Program?

Create a USPS® Every Door Direct Mailer® 8.5x11 or a USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® Postcard (6.25x9 or 6x11) with our free online photo design tool. Start by selecting one of our free templates then start designing.

FREE downloadable Templates

Use our free downloadable templates to make sure you get all the required specs correct the first time.

Need Professional Design Help?

We have organized a team of professional graphic designers to help our customers with their design needs. If the thought of designing is overwhelming for you or you just don't have time to do it yourself, click on the find a designer button and choose a designer to help you with your design needs.

Get Started With EDDM®
Advertising with EDDM® from USPS®
EDDM® Overview: PDF | RTF
Quick Reference Guide: PDF
Marketing Sevice Guide: PDF | RTF
Web Tool User Guide: PDF

BMEU Fact Sheet: PDF | RTF
PS Form 3602-N - Postage Statement: PDF
PS Form 3602-R - Postage Statement: PDF
PS Form 3615 - MPACP: PDF
PS Form 8125 - PVDS VC: PDF

EDDM® Facing Slip Retail: PDF
EDDM® Retail Entry Instructions: PDF
EDDM® Retail Fact Sheet: PDF | RTF
PS Form 3587 - EDDM® Retail: PDF

How to Use the EDDM® Mapping Tool
How Create an Every Door Direct Mailer®
EDDM® Demographics Mapping Tool

Every Door Direct Mail®, EDDM®, Every Door Direct Mail-Retail®, and EDDM Plus are trademarks of the United States Postal Service®. PrintingCenterUSA is an independent provider of mailing and print shop services that is not associated, sponsored, or otherwise approved by the United States Postal Service to provide these services.

Our prices and times are based on you providing error free print ready files. Correcting file errors may cost extra money and time. TAKE A FEW MINUTES to CHECK your file with our handy checklist.

Adobe PDF Setting

Is The Easiest Way To Submit Files And Offers Less Chance For File Errors.(In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop)


Bleed, Trim, and Safety:

There are three main elements to know when setting up a document with a bleed. They are the bleed line, trim line, and safety line.

Bleed Line: 1/8" (.125)

One important custom printing term to know is a bleed. Bleed refers to an extra 1/8" (.125) of image that extends beyond the trim area of your printing piece. The project is printed on an oversized sheet that is cut down to size with the appearance that the image bleeds off the edge of the paper.

Trim Line:

Trim line indicates where to trim the printed sheet or where the edge of the paper is to ensure that the edges of the printed document are printed correctly. Similar to register or crop marks. The trim line is the final document size.

Safety Line:

The safety line or inner margin is the area in which to keep all important elements (text, logo, and/or content) within to prevent them from trimming off. All important elements should be at least 1/8" (.125) inside the edge of the trim line. The cutting of your printed piece is done in large stacks and may vary from the top and the bottom of the stack.

Framed Border:

All borders need to be 3/16" within the Trim Line as well as 1/8" extending out over the bleed line (Blue Frame).

Fold Line:

Templates also include fold marks that indicate where the fold will be. It is best to line up your panels with the folding marks to ensure the fold being in the correct spot on the panel in final production.


Accepted Files: .pdf, .tiff, .jpeg .psd (photoshop), .ai (illustrator), .eps (illustrator or photoshop), .indd (InDesign)

The recommended file is a PDF file but we will accept high resolution (300dpi) .tiff, .jpeg or the original source file from the following programs Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai or .eps), and InDesign (.indd).

If working in a program not mentioned files must be exported as a PDF.

EXAMPLE: PDF conversion instructions

Recommended Image Resolution: 300 dpi

File and/or Image resolution should be set at 300 dpi to ensure that the final document is not pixelated (fuzzy) when printed.

Enlarging an image will lower the resolution while reducing an image will increase the resolution. Enlarging an image in a layout is NOT recommended. Images that are less than 300 dpi could reproduce poorly looking fuzzy or pixelated.

Images from the internet are not recommended, as most images are only 72 dpi.

An unfavorable image cannot be resaved as a different type of file. For example, you cannot place a gif file in Photoshop and resave it as an EPS file. This does not change the compatibility of the file. If you have to use low-resolution images we will print only after you consent to the quality.


Required Color Mode: CMYK

CMKY (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) is a color system called Full Color Printing. Most commercial printers use this process. RBG (red, green, and blue) is the color process that your computer monitor uses to display color. It is important to convert your file to the CMYK color process before printing as it may cause a color shift durning the transition and give you unexpected results. All files submitted that are not CMYK, will be converted over before printing. If your project is color sensitive, it is recommended that you request a hard copy proof to ensure the end result is to your specifications.

EXAMPLE: RBG displays digitally and CMYK for print.

Font and Transparency:

We recommend that all transparencies be flattened before file submission. We also ask that you set your fonts to outlines prior to file submission. Not flattening or outlining fonts can cause some items to fall off during file preparation for printing. Any files submitted without these things being done may result in items dropping out from your artwork during the conversion process needed to prepare your artwork for printing.

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