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In 2010, direct mail volumes were up considerably over the previous year. This is mainly because of the recent mid-term political campaigns. Politicians make constant use of printed materials, regardless of whether they are simply trying to generate more exposure or educate prospective voters about their cause.

Politicians use a wide variety of print materials to reach the greatest number of people. Which materials they use largely depends on what their goal is.

If politicians are trying to inform and educate voters about their missions, then brochures are effective marketing tools. Brochures can include a biography of the political candidate, what policies they intend to enact, pictures of the politician interacting with voters and other relevant information. These pieces could be either mailed straight to voters or distributed at political events.

Postcards, posters, rack cards and flyers could similarly be used to generate awareness about a candidate among prospective voters. These materials could be handed out at rallies and enable voters to show which candidates they support. Postcards could be mailed to friends and family members, enabling candidates to bolster their awareness even further.

Door hangers are often used the week leading up to elections to remind consumers to go out and vote for candidates. They are mounted on the doors of houses, apartments, condos and other residential buildings and give residents a quick reminder of what candidates stand for and why voters should support them.

Governmental agencies can use print materials for other purposes as well. For example, if they are passing new policies that affect a wide number of people, they may want to consider sending out flyers, brochures or postcards to educate residents about how they may be affected. They could post signs in highly trafficked areas, such as malls or campus centers, to generate more awareness.

The military also uses print materials to bolster recruitment rates. All five military branches send postcards, brochures and other promotional collateral to prospective recruits, especially college and high school students. Studies have shown that young people don't often receive direct mail and value it more than older consumers do, making it particularly effective at reaching this age group.

Printing Center USA has worked with a number of different government and political organizations in the past, providing them with effective yet affordable materials to promote their causes.

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