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Museums can make money through a variety of products and services, but perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to do so is through printed materials. At museum retail stores, caretakers could sell a variety of printed products to guests. Calendars, greeting cards, posters and postcards are just some ideas for museums.

Calendars and posters could be mounted in the homes of visitors, and can act both as a memento and a marketing tool. Similarly, greeting cards and postcards could be sent to friends and family, extending the brand awareness of the sponsoring museum.

Because print materials are easy to produce, museums should try to tie their merchandise to ongoing exhibits and shows. For example, if a museum opened a Monet exhibit, event promoters could print calendars and postcards with works from the artist featured on the front.

All of these items help visitors remember the fun times they had, which may encourage them to come back again in the future. Additionally, attendees could give these items as gifts to friends and family members, which may also pique their interest about visiting the museum. 

Of course, museums have other uses for print materials as well. Once guests are in a museum, they need to know which exhibits to see and where they are located. Caretakers could print brochures with maps and exhibit information, enabling visitors to navigate around large museums with ease. This also allows museums to highlight new or limited-time exhibits, ensuring they get the exposure they need.

Furthermore, museums could print flyers and other promotional materials to encourage more visitors to come. These materials could be either handed out or displayed at public places, such as malls or restaurants, or mailed straight to nearby residents, who are the most likely to respond to marketing initiatives.

Print items are great for boosting revenue, regardless of whether they are being used as merchandise or marketing materials. Printing Center USA can help museums print memorabilia that are both affordable and sure to be popular with guests. We have years of experience printing calendars, greeting cards, postcards and other print materials. We use only the highest quality materials and premium inks, ensuring your merchandise will be appeal to each museum guest.

Kevin Evans

Commonly Ordered Museum Printing Products

Event Promotions and Marketing

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  • Event Programs
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Exhibit Printing
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  • Pamphlets
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