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Ideas to Help you With your Rip Card.

With posters or other publicly displayed marketing materials, consumers may see promotional materials but they won't have anything to remember them by. That is why rip card printing can be such an effective marketing approach - you can attach rip cards to a poster or flyer and give consumers a lasting calling card.

Many businesses use rip cards to give consumers a discount or incentive. For example, if you offer a carpet cleaning service, you could include rip card coupons for 10 percent off a customer's first appointment. Interested prospects can simply rip the coupon off of the flyer and keep it for when they need your service.

Rip Cards are Successful for Marketing,
Educating and Gaining Awareness.

There are other uses for rip cards as well. For example, take-out restaurants often include rip cards on their flyers that contain their address and telephone number so potential customers will have their information on hand when they get hungry.

You can check out how some of our clients have used rip cards below. We offer a number of rip card printing services at competitive prices to ensure you get the promotional materials you want at the prices you can afford.

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We have worked with and helped a number of businesses, design, mail & print rip cards. Below are ideas, case studies and examples to help you take your design from concept to finished product.


Detachable rip card printing- take it with you. Include a rip card on the bottom of your rack card to increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. This perforated tear off card gives you a opportunity to pass along your contact information, a special offer or a map. Rip card printing is like having two forms of marketing in one printed piece.

Rip Card Printing Design Tips

When designing your rip card, layout the perforated business card to flow with the top of the rack card design. The card is designed as a take away for the entire piece. One of the main benefits of spending a little extra money on a rack card with a rip card instead of just having a business card is that you have the extra space to share more information and important details with the use of the business card perforated piece as a reference tool, coupon, or contact sheet. The size is designed to be easy for your prospect to take the card with them and refer to it later.

Keep the design simple and if you plan to use the perforated rip card as a business card, make sure the design is similar to your regular business cards.