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USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® Templates

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EDDM - Every Door Direct Mailing®
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EDDM® - Every Door Direct Mailing®

PrintingCenterUSA makes USPS® EDDM® printing Fast and Easy for You!

We are your one stop online USPS®-EDDM®-Every Door Direct Mail®-Expert! USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® is a new USPS® direct mailing program and is commonly called EDDM®, USPS® EDDM®, EDDM® USPS®, EDDM® retail, EDDM® mailing or EDDM® printing You can build more local traffic, increase sales and find new customers with EDDM retail by marketing your product, service, idea, store openings, sales, or other major events to every home in a neighborhood you select. EDDM® retail has proved to be very popular and profitable for professionals, lawyers, doctors, chiropractors, retail and sales, service businesses, non-profit organizations, real estate, restaurants, , dry cleaners, laundries, churches, schools, and more.

Our most popular USPS® EDDM® printing products are postcards, folded postcards and oversized postcards. Brochures, coupons, menus, maps, catalogs, etc. are also very popular.

Create your EDDM® Design with100’s of EDDM® Templates with our Online Design Tool. Use our professional design services. Upload your own files.

Want to send larger mailings to every household in a given area, target an entire town, city or metropolitan area, state or even the entire USA? Every Door Direct Mail®-EDDM®-Business (BMEU)-is designed for larger businesses that want to do just that.

EDDM® printing eliminates

  • The cost of a mailing list and tabbing
  • Ink jetting specific names and addresses on every single EDDM® printing piece.
  • Postage permit
  • Reduces mail preparation costs
  • Reduces postage to $0.175 cents per mailing piece.

You get First-Class Service at the lowest available USPS® Standard Mail Rates at PrintingCenterUSA Let us handle your next EDDM® mailing.

Call 800-995-1555 You’ll be glad you did.

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Review date:   March 22, 2014
Review:   We have been using Printing Center USA for all our EDDM® mailings and it has been fantastic! Reid & Lynn the designer are great and our postcards are sharp & professional! We are very happy and excited to be doing the EDDM® mailings on a regular basis with Printing Center USA! The Pat Coursault Team with Keller Williams Realty St. Louis
Rating (out of 5 stars):  

Aaron Rains

  How Create an Every Door Direct Mailer®

Every Door Direct Mail® Demographics Mapping Tool

Every Door Direct Mail®, EDDM®, Every Door Direct Mail-Retail®, and EDDM Plus are trademarks of the United States Postal Service®. PrintingCenterUSA is an independent provider of mailing and print shop services that is not associated, sponsored, or otherwise approved by the United States Postal Service to provide these services. provides two options for Every Door Direct Mail® –EDDM®

  • Every Door Direct Mail® Retail Business

  • Every Door Direct Mail® Business

What’s the difference?

Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail® Business (Mailing your piece through PrintingCenterUSA.)

  • No need to do the postal paperwork yourself, we can design, print, and ship your mail for delivery to the USPS® destination post office saving you the time and trouble
  • When choosing us for your USPS® every door direct mail®, your per piece postage rate is $0.175 compared to the USPS® Retail EDDM® rate of $0.16 per piece saving you money. When mailing using PrintingCenterUSA we collect all postage and the price we provide is all inclusive, the price you see is the price you pay.
  • When mailing using our service there is no daily limit, with USPS® EDDM® retail you are limited to 5000 per day.
  • No need to drive all over town to drop your mail off at different locations, simply give us the zip code, the route number, and the quantity for that route, and we ship it directly to the destination post office. To use the EDDM® tool click here.
  • All of your mail is shipped to the destination post office using USPS® Priority Mail Open and Distribute. Your mail arrives on average in 3 or 4 days, and can sometimes be distributed faster than First Class Mail.
  • All of your mail is tracked to the destination post office.  You will receive a tracking number that you can track on the website, tracking your job to its destination.  To review every door direct mail® tracking go to the USPS® website, type in your tracking and receive real time information.

Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail® Retail (Mailing the piece yourself.)

  • When choosing not for us to mail, you will have the material shipped to you, ready to mail once you prepare the mailing.
  • When mailing yourself, you can split up your order into smaller orders over a period of time instead of the entire mailing being done all at once.
  • When mailing yourself using USPS® EDDM® Retail, you can more accurately pinpoint when you want your mail in mailboxes.  Once it has been received at the USPS® local Post Office, on most occasions it will be in mailboxes within 1 to 2 days.  No more guessing.
  • No postage permit or extra fees are required.  We will apply all of the correct USPS® information on your Every Door Direct Mail® piece, and guarantee its accuracy.  No guessing on your part.
  • No Mailing lists are required. Simply get your route information, and all retail paper work, click here to get started.
  • You can pay for postage with cash, check, or debit card or metered postage at retail location. When choosing this option, PrintingCenterUSA does not collect any postage and the postage will be due when you take it to your neighborhood post office.

Quick checklist when preparing or designing your next USPS® EDDM® mail piece.

  • Mailing must be destined for the local delivery area only, to receive the lowest rate on postage.

  • Mail piece must be either 6.25” tall or taller, or 10.5” wide or wider.  The mail piece does not need to meet both size requirements just one.

  • Maximum thickness of .125" thick

  • Per piece weight must be below 3.3 ounces.

  • 5,000 maximum, per mailer, per day when mailing yourself using EDDM® Retail services.  No daily limit on any mailing we process.

  • Pieces must be bundled in groups of 50

  • “Local Postal Customer" is printed on your printed piece In place of addressing your mailing. We will include the proper Indicia and Address block to both EDDM® Retail and EDDM®

Business Mailings.

  • All mailing require PS Form 3587 and a Facing Slip on each bundled pack for mailing. We provide this with the mailings that you choose for us to process.  For Retail EDDM®, you will have to provide this yourself.

  • When taking mail in yourself to the post office be prepared to pay at least $0.16 per piece.  The post office requires payment when the mailing is submitted.

  • Please keep a copy of all documentation for yourself when mailing your project.  If there is any discrepancy in your mailing, USPS® will ask for a sample of the mailer, a receipt, a copy of the 3587, and a sample of the facing slip.

Need help with a design or a marketing plan for your EDDM® mail piece?

Every Door Direct Mail® Consultation:

  • Maximize your return by contacting on of our specialists to walk you through the design, mailing, and ROI process for your mail piece.

  • Our experts have experience and case studies to help you decide on the best offerings for your business, to elevate responses, and increase new leads and contacts for your business.

  • Click here to request a free Consultation.

Every Door Direct Mail® Design:

  • Don’t have a design, don’t worry, our Printing Company provides a full service design.

How does it work?

  • Once we start an order one of our professional designers will contact you with a free 20 minute consultation.  They will go over every detail and collect anything from you that you want to use in your product. (Logos, images, content etc.) You can adjust the piece to fit perfectly with your needs, you will never be stuck with anything you don’t like.

Its Risk Free:

  • If you don’t like it you can cancel at any time before proof approval. After the consultation we will design the piece and send a proof.  You can still make any edits you need, or approve the proof, and we will then produce your job.  If you don’t like it, you can cancel and PAY NOTHING.

How to get started:

Our 6 most popular sizes, papers and printing prices are:

(For more custom sizes and papers call 800-995-1555 for a quote)

Size: 4.25x11.75 Flat, Finished.
Paper Options include, 80# Gloss Cover, 100# Gloss Cover, 12pt. Gloss Cover, 14pt Gloss Cover, 16pt Gloss Cover

Size: 8.5x11 Flat, Finished.
Paper Options include, 80# Gloss Cover, 100# Gloss Cover, 12pt. Gloss Cover, 14pt Gloss Cover, 16pt Gloss Cover

Size: 6x11 Flat, Finished.
Paper Options include, 80# Gloss Cover, 100# Gloss Cover, 12pt. Gloss Cover, 14pt Gloss Cover, 16pt Gloss Cover

Size: 11x17  Folded Mailer
Paper Options include, 100# Gloss Book, 80# Gloss Cover, 100# Gloss Cover, 12pt. Gloss Cover, 14pt Gloss Cover, 16pt Gloss Cover
Two folds available, Standard Half-fold, or Inside short panel Tri-Fold.

EDDM® Samples







Every Door Direct Mailing® (EDDM®) Resources

More information about EDDM® from the USPS® and getting started with EDDM®

General Help

Overview PDF | RTF
Quick Reference Guide PDF | RTF
Web Tool User Guide PDF
Printer Brochure PDF | RTF

DMM® Mailing Standards

301.1.1: "General Definition of Flat Size Mail" ›
602.3.2: "Simplified Address" ›

Every Door Direct Mail®

BMEU Fact Sheet PDF | RTF
Facing Slip (BMEU) PDF
PS Form 3602-N: Postage Statement - Nonprofit Standard Mail® PDF
PS Form 3602-R: Postage Statement - Standard Mail PDF
PS Form 3615: Mailing Permit Application and Customer Profile PDF
PS Form 8125: Plant-Verified Drop Shipment (PVDS) Verification and Clearance PDF


Facing Slip (Retail) PDF
Retail Entry Instructions PDF
Retail Fact Sheet PDF | RTF
PS Form 3587: Every Door Direct Mail® - Retail® PDF

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