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Catalog Printing Services

Catalog printing is what we do!

PrintingCenterUSA specializes in high quality short run catalog printing for small quantities from 10 to 3, 000 full color and black and white, 8.5 x 11 printing catalogs. Our HP digital printing presses are best suited for quantities of 1-500 and our Heidelberg offset printing presses are great for printing quantities of 500 to 3,000 printed catalogs. This combination help keep our catalog printing prices cheap. Saddle-stitched binding is our most popular binding for catalogues, booklets, magazines and programs. Wire-o binding, spiral binding and perfect binding are also available for printing catalogs, but are a more popular binding style for manuals, reports, workbooks, journals, guides and more.

Need catalog printing services fast and cheap?
We are built for it. We have fast catalog printing equipment, cheap catalog printing prices and turnaround times as quick as 2-6 business days. We can mail your printed catalogs for you the next day or we have 3 day shipping anywhere in the USA. If you ever need short run catalog printing faster, just ask.  We are always available to help you in anyway.
Give us a call at 1 800-995-1555.

How to download our Free Catalog Templates.

We make catalog printing services fast and easy for you
 Our catalog printing services include templates, ideas, details, videos and case studies for advertising catalogs, education-schools-academies-charter schools-private-catholic-fraternities-college catalogs, clothing catalogs, equipment catalogs, food & beverage catalogues, outfitters hunting catalogs, product catalogs, sporting events and sports marketing catalogs and many more make catalog printing fast and easy for you.

Catalog printing services are perfect for displaying and promoting economical sales catalogs and to increase sales efforts for your products and services. Catalogues may include images, illustrations, design elements, graphics, charts, or pictures that attract attention. The size and design of catalogs is ideal for the custom layout of information and images.

Free online catalog printing design templates.
PrintingCenterUSA provides free online catalog printing design templates by industry. Some of our most popular catalog industries are business and business events, financial services, real estate, education & schools, and medical & health care.
Good catalogue design starts with a focused plan. If you start with a vision and goal, your catalog design will be successful. Regardless, if you are creating the catalog design yourself or working with a graphic designer, we can help make your catalog design look great.

Can't find the catalog printing style you are looking for in our online pricing, just call for a quick custom quote. We also print catalog envelopes for you to mail your catalog printing. If using a catalog in a sales packet, order presentation folders, sell sheets and brochures all in one place for great savings! 800-995-1555.

Review date:   March 10, 2014
Review:   itemprop="reviewBody">I have used Printing Center USA several times, a couple of times with rush orders because a client of mine waited until the last minute to order. The service has always been outstanding, and it's great that they don't charge for some things that other printing companies charge for, like cutting paper when it is submitted 2-up, 4-up, et cetera.
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Craig Barber

Paper options for printing catalogs, booklets, magazines and programs

  • 100# gloss text
  • 80# gloss text
  • 70# opaque
  • 20# bond
  • 24# bond
  • 28# bond
  • 80# gloss cover
  • 100# gloss cover

Printing Options:

  • High quality digital color and black and white printing.
  • Sizes: 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 5.5, 4.25 x 11 and 6 x 9
  • 8-96 pages (call, chat or submit a custom quote for pricing on more pages, different paper and sizes).
  • 10 to 3,000 catalogs printed in 2 to 6 business days
  • Saddle-stitched binding is our most popular  
  • Wire-o, spiral, perfect binding available.
  • Aqueous coating free on offset printed catalogs.
  • Free electronic proof
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free catalog printing templates, ideas, details, videos and more.

Saddle Stitched


Spiral Bound


Wire-O Bound


3 Ring Binder


Additional Options:

  • Personalize the entire catalog or just the cover with Variable Data printing and imaging.
  • Add printing and mailing services to you short run catalog printing order..
  • Make the colors pop on your next catalog by adding UV coating to the cover weight covers.
  • Add QR codes free.
  • We print 6 x 9 and 9 x 12 catalog envelopes for mailing your catalogs.
  • Insert a # 9 regular business reply envelope.

Catalog Print Marketing Ideas

Add Variable Data To Your short run catalog Print Orders to personalize the cover or other sales information.
Get a Free QR Code to link customers to your website video's or more product details online.Call to get started!

Catalog Printing Examples
Catalog Printing
Agriculture Catalog Printing
Education Catalog Printing
Financial Catalog Printing
Graphic Design Catalog Printing
Health Catalog Printing
Manufacturing Catalogs
Museum Catalog Printing
Real Estate Catalogs
Recreation Catalog Printing
Religious Catalog Printing
Technology Catalogs

More Catalog Marketing Ideas and Tips:

The information in your catalog needs to be clear. Instruct the reader exactly how to order online, in your store or on the phone. Be sure that the catalog printing layout is easy to follow, pricing is easy to find and all important information is included. Don’t overload the pages with information. Use the catalog as a tool to educate customers, people feel better about purchases when they are informed about what they are buying. Successful catalog printing starts with simplicity. Use high quality images and give a clear direction of how you want your customers to order. Keep it simple, direct and to the point. Clarify and classify information in an organized manner and direct the reader through your catalog. Keep it simple and to the point. Direct people to a website to read more or give a strong reason to call.

Catalog printing, used in your marketing and advertising campaigns help drive buyers to your website. A printed catalog increases awareness of your products and services. It is also proven that catalog shoppers on average spend more annually. Catalog printing can actually drive more online ordering and is a great way to showcase your products and services. Increase your sales effectiveness with full color catalog printing. Help increase sales by including a catalog into your marketing and advertising efforts. Use your packet at trade shows, in show rooms, mail or hand out to prospects. Catalogs offer prospects a way to take information about your products and services with them to think more about their purchases. Want more ideas for incorporating catalog printing into your marketing campaigns or fundraising efforts? Read the catalog printing resources below for more information. In the market smarts section you’ll find catalog case studies, variable data articles and catalog printing examples for more ideas.

Catalog Case Studies

Find ideas for your next catalog printing project by reading our customer case studies. Discover real life examples of how catalogs have helped businesses, organizations and schools just like yours reach their marketing goals. Some catalog case study examples include ideas to build your brand name, sell sale items faster, or way's to increase response rates from donors. Check out all of our product case studies for marketing strategies, successful ways to raise funds and unique ways to engage your readers. 

Increase Recognition With A Catalog: Judge Michael Jones Profiles Of A Sports Artist bring together Michael Jones passion as an athlete with his passion as an artist.

Event Writing Conference Catalog A printed art catalog helps bring in new people to a four day writing conference event.

Business Catalog: Product Promotion All American Specialties prints a catalog to separate themselves from the competition in award designing.

Business Catalog: Direct Mailer GetQuik uses a direct mail catalog to advertise their service to companies. It focuses on growth potential and their customers testimonials.

Green Theme Business Catalog: Intrepid Learning Solutions mailed this unique catalog to businesses with the intention of standing out. Using a different style is a great way to get noticed and read.

Advertise Your History In A Catalog: The Original Buffalo Wallet uses this catalog to advertise to customers all over the U.S.A. The Wallets go back over 40 years in Montana history.

Retail Catalog: Showcase Sale Items Floto printed a full color catalog to showcase their summer sale on handbags and increased sales.

Retail Catalog: Sell A Style Knuckleheads catalog is sent all over the world to retail stores to give them an idea of the style of clothing that Knuckleheads manufactures.

University Catalog: Informative: Montana State University informs a large number of people with its cost effective booklet.

University Catalog: Enrollment: Louisiana State University printed a full color catalog and increased its fall enrollment.

Private School Catalog: The Montana Wilderness School Of The Bible printed this catalog as a promotional advertising piece.

Academy of Health Catalog: Attract Students: The Orlando Academy School of health professionals attracted new students by printing a catalog that featured the schools accomplishments. 

New Hardware Catalog: Advertise New Products Beesley International advertised their new hardware for chicken coops by printing a full color catalog to send to customers.

Set Yourself Apart With A Catalog: Branding American Exteriors printed this catalog with a large Penguin on the cover to separate their company from their competition and build their branding efforts.

Feature Your Style In A Catalog: Feature Custom Designs C. Sharps Arms inc. advertises their handcrafted rifles in a catalog that features the different styles and custom designs customers can order.

Show Room Catalog: Printed Showroom Cedar Creek Inc.'s catalog brings the showroom right into the customers hands.

Become an Expert With Catalogs The HushMat is a unique product; it eliminates noises in cars by eliminating structural vibration. Informing and demonstrating benefits helps become an expert in your field.

Attract Enthusiasts With Print  Classic Journey Outfitters prints a high quality catalog every spring to attract outdoor enthusiast.

Technology Catalog: Save Money and Sell More Prototron Circuits printed their 2010 catalog with an online printer and saved a bundle on printing cost. They were amazed by the printing quality.

Additional Catalog Printing Resources and Ideas

Catalog Print Marketing - Catalog print marketing is an excellent tool for presenting your products and services. They work perfectly for capturing the attitude and image of your company.

Design Tips For Catalog Printing - Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to catalog design. Follow these helpful tips to make the daunting task of design simple.

Catalog Marketing Fundamentals - A recent study conducted by Fleishman-Hillard indicates that 10 percent of American consumers find print materials are the most influential marketing tools. This suggests that catalog printing is one of the most effective ways to promote products.

How to create a catalog that sells - According to a recent report from the United States Postal Service, consumers who receive catalogs tend to spend more money and buy more items from sponsoring companies.

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Catalog Mailing information

A Catalog may be mailed as a flat or a letter depending on the dimensions of the piece.  Anything that exceeds one of the maximum dimensions for letter-class mail is considered a flat.  That means it would be either more than 6 1/8” in height or more than 11 1/2” in length. 

If a flat-sized piece is thin enough it may be possible to fold it in half and still mail it at letter-class postage rates. 

Special tabbing rules apply for all letter-class booklet mailings.  There must be two 1 ∏” tabs on the leading edge (the right hand edge if you are looking at the address), and one 1 ∏” tab on the trailing edge.   This is true for a letter sized booklet where the bound edge is on the bottom of the piece or for a larger booklet folded in half to letter size.  For a folded-in-half booklet the spine should be on the right and the fold on the bottom. 

For a flat-sized booklet the height of the piece is considered as the longer side regardless of how the address is oriented.  The address is required to be placed in the top half of the piece and the spine must be on the right or leading edge.

For my first time printing experience for my new community magazine, I am impressed. It was easy to place an order, the magazines came on time, and the magazines looked beautiful and professional. The quality was impressive, and I have received very positive comments about it so far. I will definitely send my next printing job to you. I got better quality than I imagined for a price within my printing budget!

Alora Rueth

I was very pleased with my printing service for my different request project. I was accomodated in every way with a most positive, "I believe we will be able to do that!". This was a project that Printingcenterusa helped take from a great idea to a finished product.

Sharon L. Patterson
We had programs printed for a charity event; we did not know what to expect as this is the first time having them printed and doing it online. We were pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the product when we received it. The catalogs look great, are very professional, and very affordable. The customer service we received even before we submitted the order was extremely good and everyone was helpful and friendly.

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