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Print rack brochures to enhance your hospitality company and to gain a strong presence in hotels in your area.

We offer high quality full color rack brochures in 2 panel, 3 panel, and 4 panel widths. We also print your project using high quality paper, ink, and coating finishes.

Rack brochures are best used for tourism, outdoor guide services, restaurants, spas, and the hospitality industry.

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Rack brochure printing
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Rack Brochure Printing

Rack Brochure Printing That Is Affordable

Do you have a small business or a tourism based company? Rack brochure printing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for generating awareness and reaching new customers.

PrintingCenterUSA offers rack brochure printing services that are both cheap and timely, enabling you to make the most out of your marketing budget. With PrintingCenterUSA's instant online rack brochure quote system, you can instantly see the rack brochure printing styles and pricing plans available for your project. This will enable you to shop within your budget while still getting the most bang out of your marketing brochures. If you don't see the option you want, you can call PrintingCenterUSA for a custom printing quote.

Select from a variety of rack brochure printing styles and pricing plans available for your project. This will enable you to shop within your budget while still getting the most bang out of your marketing rack brochures. 

Rack Brochure Printing Options
With our online quote system you can instantly see pricing for a variety of rack brochure printing sizes and styles. If the rack  brochure option can't be found simply request a custom printing quote by phone or email.

Rack Brochure Printing Marketing Tips and Resources

Full color rack brochure printing is necessary for tourism businesses; it is difficult to maintain constant contact with new customers. Professional rack brochure makes it easy for placement and is key to your advertising effectiveness, be sure to distribute them to popular hotels, restaurants, and tourism resource centers.

Tourists Check Out Rack Brochures
Tourists frequently stop by local literature racks to check out the hot spots in the area they are visiting. If your not using rack brochure printing for marketing to tourists in your area, then you are missing out on a lot of business. Full color rack brochures might be one of the only things a visitor finds information regarding your business, local events in the area, restaurants or attractions.

Rack Brochure Printing Examples
Rack Brochure Printing

Design Tips To Attract Tourists To Your Rack Brochure
To attract more tourists to your rack brochure and ultimately to your location try some of these tips to stand out in the literature rack.

Be bold and stand out with your rack brochure design and keep a main focused selling point. Include a discount, a large image of your main attraction or a unique menu item.

Use quality printing and paper to make sure you look like a reputable company. If your rack brochure doesn’t look good, then you won’t look good. And you won’t get the response rates.

Include contact details and a map to help eliminate any frustration in finding you.

When presenting information in your rack brochure printing, position your business as a leader in the area. Position yourself as the best they are going to find and really make them want to come to your establishment.

Use your words to make it necessary that they come to your business, are you something special for the area, or a local favorite, something they don’t want to miss, or something they can’t get anywhere else? Sell that point so that they feel like they would be missing out if they don’t come.

If you cater to tourists, make it easy for them to find you by using rack brochure printing. Place them at hotels, restaurants, the chamber and other attractions. A rack brochure is a useful marketing tool to attract tourists

Rack Brochure Layout Grids

Use our Rack Brochure Templates for a variety of programs. These downloadable templates are predesigned with the correct specs for your rack brochure printing.  Easy to use and free.

Half fold sample

Tri fold sample rack brochure

Z-fold sample rack brochure

Double parallel gate sample rack brochure

Double Gate-Fold
double gate fold rack brochure
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