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Greeting Card Printing

Fast Greeting Card Printing Services

Ordering greeting card printing is quick and simple with Printing Center USA. Print amazing personal greeting cards, corporate greeting cards, special announcement cards, gift cards and thank you notes with our full color printing services. We print a variety of stylish cards at low prices with easy online pricing, ordering and proofing.

Receive an instant quote online for your full color greeting card print orders for a variety of options. The standard greeting card size is 5 x 7 on our durable 12 PT gloss cover and 80# uncoated cover stock for our digital paper selection and 12 PT gloss cover, 12pt c1s and 100# uncoated cover on our printing press. Include scoring and folding in your order for the greeting card style you need. Don’t forget to add envelopes to your order.

UV coated greeting cards have a shiny glossy finish. The coating makes the greeting cards more durable and gives your greeting card a nice professional shine.

Greeting card printing isn’t the only thing you can order via this online quotepage. Order wedding invitations, holiday cards, thank you cards, corporate announcements, corporate invitations and larger gift cards. If you are searching for smaller cards get pricing from our notecard quote page or call for pricing on additional stocks, sizes and quantities.Craig Barber

Greeting Card Printing Marketing Tips and Resources

Stretching a greeting card’s potential and your dollar.
When creating a printed greeting card for your business or organization, don’t get stuck with one message. Select a neutral picture or graphic that can be used for a few messages not just a thank you or happy birthday.

Print a variety of cards in small batches on our digital printing press. This allows you to get great quality cards without having to order so many. Have a variety of cards to interchange for different occasions.

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Build relationships with Greeting Card Printing
Cards can be sent as a thank you, a special note, to extend a discount or to inquire about a business opportunity. Custom printed greeting cards are a subtle way to build a relationship and make your prospect feel like you truly care. Print generic cards and you can find any new reason to send a card and make your customers and prospects smile and feel important.

Try finding different reasons to send greeting cards and see what type of response you get from your customers. Remember the more connected your relationship is with your customers the more likely they are to continue doing business with you. Here are some ideas you might try to connect more frequently with your customers using printed greeting cards.

If you have an idea that might work for your customer, such as a product they might benefit from take a min. to jot it down in a card and let them know you were thinking specifically about them.

Utilize the information you might already have in your customer database such as birthdays, anniversary’s, or a memorable occasion that you could send a personalized note wishing them well or congratulations.

If you are at a trade show networking, take all the business cards you acquire while networking and send them a note saying it was nice to meet them and inquire about how you can work together or remind them of what you do.

Finding interesting ways to stay in contact with your customers is a great addition to your marketing efforts. A personalized greeting card that with a handwritten hello, I was thinking about you or guess what I can do for you also has a higher chance of being read then other forms of marketing in the mailbox. Greeting cards also feel less like sales messages and more like a personal note, which will make your relationship with your customers more personal.

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Sell Greeting Cards to Fundraise for Your School  Greeting cards are the perfect way to show off school pride. Many parents will want to purchase these cards to send to family and friends.

Raise Money with Printed Posters, Greeting Cards and CalendarsIn light of the economic recession, many schools have turned to unconventional means to bolster their budgets. Contact Details:
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