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Independent Customer Reviews


Rated 4.0 out of 5 Based on 3 Reviews
one month ago
In the last year this company has went downhill in both customer service and the increasing prices. Their product quality is outstanding. But their prices have increased about 30 percent in the last year and their customer service has decreased by that much if not more. The last order I placed will most likely be the last. I talked to the manager Kevin about some of the issues and his statements were: 1-They no longer want the smaller orders so they have tried to out price those customers and 2-He will not deal with a customers order more then a few days-and I have an email from him confirming this-that he will wash his hands of that customer after a few days of emailing or talking on the phone. I called and talked to the President and owner of the company and even got on a three way call with him and Keven. The owner seemed very nice and seemed to honestly want to know about issues-which I believe had never been brought to his attention. The owner stated he actually does want to get the smaller jobs back but that they are so busy they can not handle them right now. As a business person I have witnessed many great businesses go down hill and shut down very quickly with a manager like this company has in Kevin. As long as he runs the company with the same attitude he has had over the last year this company will not be around long. My issues were resolved but only after several calls and demanding to talk directly to the President of the company. Many people will not do this and just stop ordering and go to a different company for what they need. My suggestion for anyone wanting to order something from this company is this: If you want amazing quality printed products,don't care about the price and know exactly what you want then YES you should order from this company. If you are concerned about the price and/or do not know exactly what you want or need then NO do not order from this company.
2 months ago
I don't think I could say enough kind words about this company. I blindly picked them after searching for an hour for different printers. My client had a tight budget and I needed top quality at the same time. I ordered. They delivered on time. I opened the box with my fingers crossed hoping I wasn't getting some cheap copy prints. Pulled out the printed newsletter and was astonished with the quality. I WILL be ordering future printing from these guys... So if you have doubts. Throw them out the window because they have great customer service as well. Thank you Printing Center USA!
4 months ago
I always get great service from Printing Center USA. They are speedy and professional.
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Affordable Printing & Mailing

11 x 17 - 4 Page or 8.5 x 11

8,12,16...64 Pages

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Color: 4/4, Full Color | Size: 11 x 17 and 8.5 x 11, Multi-Page | Print: 8 to 96 pages
Paper: 100# Gloss or Matte Text(Self Cover) and 80# Gloss or Matte Cover

Newsletter Printing

Print 11 x 17 four page or create 8½ x 11 and 5½ x 8½ multi-page newsletters starting at 8, 12 16...64 pages, including cover. You can order short run quantities from 10 to 3,000 on 100# gloss or matte text (Self Cover) or add 80# cover paper.

Fast, Easy Mailing Services

Take the hassle out of printing and mailing your monthly newsletter. We print quality color newsletters at affordable prices for businesses, organizations and educational institutions nationwide. Add mailing services and we'll save you even more time and money.

Cheap Newsletter Printing Prices

Our inexpensive professional quality newsletters are created using the best inks, papers and printers to generate the finest quality within your time frame. We print affordable newsletters that may garner higher response rates and are a beneficial marketing piece for any advertising campaign.

Free Template Design Solutions

Upload your own camera ready files or if you need help, use our customer friendly online design tool or free predesigned blank templates. Submit, proof and we'll print and mail your newsletter in 4 days.

Fast, easy ordering online or call 800-995-1555.

Need to use a FREE Design Program?

Create 8½ x 11 tri-fold or 11 x 17 half fold newsletter with our online photo design tool.

Choose which Online Design Tool you'd like to use according to you newsletter style.

FREE downloadable Templates

Use our FREE Downloadable Templates to make sure you get all the file requirements and specs correct the first time.

Need Professional Design Help?

We have organized a team of professional graphic designers to help our customers with their design needs. If the thought if designing is overwhelming for you or you just don’t have time to do it yourself click on the find a designer button and choose a designer to help you with your design needs.

Newsletter Examples

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