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Magazine Printing Services

PrintingCenterUSA is your industry leader in high quality magazine printing. We love to print short run printing magazines.  PrintingCenterUSA offers one stop magazine printing services for 8.5 x 11 short run digital and offset magazine printing and mailing. Our magazine printing prices are very affordable for short run quantities between 10 - 3,000 magazines.

Need magazine printing services fast?

We are built for fast magazine printing services. We have fast magazine printing turnaround times as fast as 2 business days and mail your magazines the next day. If you ever need it faster, just ask.  We are always available to help you in any way.
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Magazines are usually a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual publication.

Magazines contain articles, stories, pictures, graphics, features of interest and advertisements.  Printing magazines are usually saddle-stitch bound, flexible in the number of pages and printed in full color and/or black and white on glossy paper including the cover. Businesses, churches, education, schools, universities, financial services, fundraising organizations, government, medical, writers and more publish and mail Magazines because they are experts in their industry or perceived as knowledgeable. Magazines are used to educate and inform on important subjects and can be a descriptive and visual information source and used as reference material. Magazines are affordable, convenient to read and can be saved, shared and read again.

Our magazine printing and mailing services

Printing Center USA has in-house direct mailing services for fast magazine distribution. It is affordable and easy to order printing and mailing services online, just select yes, for mailing in the online quote system and upload your list in the check-out process. All mailing lists are de-duped, CASS and NCOA Certified.

Affordable magazine printing specialists

PrintingCenterUSA has state of the art short run digital and offset magazine printing services and equipment making production and setup costs minimal and allowing you to get your magazines quickly and in a cost-efficient method. Additionally, short run magazine printing is beneficial, as it enables you to produce the exact number of magazines you need. This cuts back on wasted materials and also helps you preserve storage space for other essentials.

Review date:   February 10, 2014
Review:   I am very, very pleased with the result of doing business with Printing Center USA. My order was for the first issue of a brand new magazine that I am launching in my community. It turned out just beautiful and exactly the way I wanted it to turn out! You don't know how relieved I was when I opened up the box and saw my order turning out so professionally done. Everyone who has seen the magazine thus far has commented that the quality is excellent, and I agree. What I can't believe is how easy it was to get my order to them on line and how quick things were done and on time. I certainly am going to do business with them again for the next issue.
Rating (out of 5 stars):  

Craig Barber

Magazine Printing Options

  • Don’t see what you need no problem, Click Here and request a custom quote.
  • Standard Sizes: 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 5.5, 4.25 x 11 and 6 x 9
  • 8-64 pages.  Have more Pages?  Click Here for a custom quote.
  • Saddle-Stitched, Perfect Bound
  • 2-5 Business Day Turnaround Options
  • Our printing company offers offset and digital, color and/or black and white printed magazines
  • Full Magazine Distribution options available.  Nationwide and International services available.
  • Personalize and customize your short run digital magazine and publication printing by adding Variable Data.
  • We offer free magazine case studies, templates, ideas, examples and videos.
  • UV coating available on Cover Weight Papers
  • Free Electronic Proof on every order.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Magazine Printing Ideas

Entertain, Advertise and Educate To a reader a magazine is more then just something to glance at. With magazine printing you have the opportunity to cater to the many needs of your readers on a few different levels. When creating your magazine try to incorporate multiple entertainment factors. Make your magazine a well-rounded form of entertainment and appeal to every emotion. The more you intrigue your readers the more they will read. For better success with your magazine printing incorporate humor, helpful tips, informative articles and ads for relevant products. You’ll also discover as you deepen the connection with your readers they will start to refer others.

Magazine Printing Examples
Magazine Printing
Education Magazine Printing

Business Magazine Printing Ideas Magazine printing is a great idea for businesses to communicate and connect with prospects and customers. Many businesses create quarterly publications to interact with customers and prospects in a way that doesn’t seem like a sales push. Magazine printing and mailing is a resourceful way to keep people informed about your company, interact in a more personal manner and promote new products or events. As your magazine printing evolves you can even start to sell advertising to companies whose products compliment yours.

Magazine Printing Case Studies

University Magazine Raises Research Money Big Sky Small Acres printed this magazine to show people what it’s like to live in rural Montana.

Hype Your Sport With a Recreation Magazine Montana Bowhunter Magazine features bow hunting in Montana in a direct mail magazine.

Magazine Printing And Variable Data

Magazine readers handpick subscriptions and publications based on hobbies, careers and interests. Most magazines attract specific readers so it is generally easy to segment your readers and discover ways to use variable data printing within your magazine printing to get personal.

Variable data printing is actually very simple. Take a closer look at your customer or subscriber list. Break it down into manageable groups that you could market to differently. For example; East coast readers vs. West coast readers. Rather then limiting your advertising to companies they both know, you can place different ads based on location all in one print run. Incorporating variable data into your magazine printing can be as simple as including the readers name in an article or on the front cover image or more complex such as inserting different paragraphs and articles based on the readers interest.

Why personalize? Imagine taking data that you know about your readers, such as product preferences, past purchases, or key attributes specific to them and being able to personalize the cover of your magazine printing to their specific taste. Change out images, text, colors and more to individualize our message.

Want more ideas for magazine printing and how to incorporate them into your marketing campaigns? Visit our market smarts section for more ideas, you’ll find magazine case studies, variable data articles and magazine printing examples.

Additional Magazine Printing Resourses and Ideas

Cheap Magazine Printing Helps Boost ROI - Businesses can make use of this by printing publications that are both educational and promotional, which should help them boost the return on their marketing investments.

Magazine Print Layout Tips - The most important element of a successful magazine is the cover, as it is the first thing potential readers will see and will determine whether or not they read the publication.

Cheap Magazine Printing Boost ROI
Magazine Print Layout Tips
Personalized Magazine Printing
Online Magazine Printing & Distribution
Low Cost Magazine Printing Ideas
How to Layout a Successful Magazine

Magazine and Publication Printing and Mailing

Magazines may be mailed as a flat or a letter depending on the dimensions of the piece.  Anything that exceeds one of the maximum dimensions for letter-class mail is considered a flat.  That means it would be either more than 6 1/8” in height or more than 11 1/2” in length.  
If a flat-sized piece is thin enough it may be possible to fold it in half and still mail it at letter-class postage rates. 

Special tabbing rules apply for all letter-class booklet mailings.  There must be two 1 ∏” tabs on the leading edge (the right hand edge if you are looking at the address), and one 1 ∏” tab on the trailing edge.   This is true for a letter sized booklet where the bound edge is on the bottom of the piece or for a larger booklet folded in half to letter size.  For a folded-in-half booklet the spine should be on the right and the fold on the bottom. 

For a flat-sized booklet the height of the piece is considered as the longer side regardless of how the address is oriented.  The address is required to be placed in the top half of the piece and the spine must be on the right or leading edge.

After sending the *.zip file of our magazine to be printed, I can start to relax. The pressure is off. I know that my job is in very good hands; I know that the magazine will look super from front to back; it will be done well and mailed to our members on time. So what else could I ask for?
Simine Short

Printing Center USA has delivered another great magazine for us. Quality is outstanding, service and delivery is too. You're the best!

John Bloner

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