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Postcard Printing

Postcard Printing, Affordable and Easy - Add Mailing Services To Your Order

Postcard printing is a great way to prospect, inform and send an invitation. Don’t bother sending marketing in the mail unless you stand out. There are many full color postcard printing services available to hype your message. Postcard printing services are affordable, fast and easy. With the right copy and design postcard printing works to drive traffic to your store, website or event.

Postcard Printing Options to Stand Out In the Mail
UV coated postcard printing services make your message shine. This thin coating gives your postcard printing a shine that enhances colors and images. It also protects your postcard in the mail.

Every Door Direct Postcard Mailing (EDDM)

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Learn more about PrintingCenterUSA's EDDM services for your postcard printing.

If you print full color postcards for multiple individuals and are interested in postcard printing services and other products, discount pricing, online design and a Personalized Business Portal for your company to help manage your Marketing collateral….

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Postcard Printing Options

  • Postcard Printing Services and Mailing Services
  • Sizes:  4x6, 4.25x5.5,  4.25x6, 5x7,  6x9,  6x11,  8.5x5.5    
  • 14pt Coated Cover
  • 4/4, 4/1, 4/0
  • UV Coating
  • Personalize with Variable Data Printing
  • QR Codes
  • Direct Mail
  • Online Design and Templates
  • Folded Postcards coming soon
  • 2 to 4Business Day Turnaround.

Postcard Printing Sizes
Different messages call for different postcard printing sizes. A large 8.5 x 5.5 postcard is an instant eye grabber against letters for big impact marketing, better for prospecting and new services. But sometimes a small 4 x 6 card is all you need to send a quick message to customers to remind them of appointments or to give a quick update. Printing Center USA offers a large assortment of postcard printing sizes for whatever type of message you are sending.

The Easy and Fast Way to Mail Postcards
Not only is our printing guaranteed but our mailing services are as well. Our expert mailing staff CASS certifies, NCOA verifies and dedups mailing lists. This decreases postage costs and increases your deliverability rate. Add mailing instantly to your postcard printing service order today or call to find out more.

Postcard printing services are a complimentary ingredient to your marketing mix. They are simple, direct and affordable. Intended for a quick peek, to entice your audience to act. The main reason to implement postcard printing services into your strategy is to get your customer to take action. Simple, Direct and affordable.

Craig Barber

Postcard Printing Marketing Tips

Postcard Printing Entice To Action
In the design phase of your postcard printing think of it as a quick peak for your audience use the design to entice them. The message and design should make them want to find out more, or act right away on the call to action. Be direct, keep it simple and make sure your message is clear. Postcard printing should be used for action. Take them to your website, give them incentive to call or direct them to your store. Sometimes saying: hey come to my store, just isn’t enough. You need to drop some small hints about a hot new product, or a discount that is ending soon.

Jumbo Postcards
Jumbo postcard printing is big and they make a statement. Think of jumbo postcard printing as a billboard in the mailbox of your audience. Use this oversized postcard for messages with a large impact. The trick is balance with your postcard printing. You don’t want to overcrowd the postcard, but you also don’t want to have a large jumbo postcard with a tiny message. The size of the message should dictate the size of the postcard.

Prospecting With Postcard Printing
A change in our marketing environment is creating an opportunity for postcard printing again. Email is cheap and easy to send, that is why every business is doing it. Are you getting the return that you once did by using it? Email is still a very important part of marketing however, now is the time to take advantage of the open space that is in your prospects mailbox. Now, as a significant amount of time has passed our mailboxes are less full and our email accounts are screaming for a break! So why not take this prime opportunity to reuse the old reliable method of postcard print mailing.

It can be difficult to spend money on postage when you can click send for almost nothing from your computer. But if you aren’t getting any response then why not pair it with direct mail.

Consider these tips to decrease postcard printing and mailing costs. Spend time cleaning your list. We help by deduping and running your list against the post offices national change of address list. To update your list and qualify your mailing for the lowest postage rates available.

Be sure you carefully target and organize your mailing. To save money focus on the prospects you feel are worth it and weed out some names. Its not always quantity, it is the quality of the prospect you are sending to. If you take the time to target your audience and clean your list properly you can increase your response while you decrease your postcard printing and mailing expenses.

Multiple touch points get the best results. Combining 2-3 postcards with an email blast and a sales call is a cost effective way to increase your return on investment.

Check out the following postcard printing resources for more ideas and tips.


Postcard Mailing Services

Basic standards for all Postcard mailing services

The placement of the address can determine the price and eligibility of the mail piece. The placement of the address may render a piece non-mailable or non-machinable. An acceptable mailing address must include:

  • Intended recipients name or other designation
  • Delivery address
  • City, State and Zip code or ZIP+4 code.

Elements on the face of a mailpiece

A clear space of 4” x 2” must be available on all mail for the address. Also be sure to include a return address and a permit or stamp area. The location of the delivery address on a letter-size mailpiece determines which dimensions are the length and height of the piece.

Physical standards for Letter
Max for letters and other cards: 6.12 inches high, 11.5 inches long and .25 inches thick. Length is the dimension parallel to the address as read. The folded edge must be at the bottom of your mailing panel. If the size of the brochure has a side folded as well, put this fold to the right edge of the panel.

Estimated Postage rates
Postage is based on whether or not the pieces being mailed qualify for Automated Machinable rates.

Presort Std .233¢ - .2123¢
1st Class .335¢ - .414¢

Presort Standard mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces. First class Presorted mail requires 500 pieces or more.

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