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Sell sheet printing services
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Sell Sheet Printing

Online Sell sheet printing is easy and fast to order at Printing Center USA.

The quality of full color printed sell sheets | Sales Sheets is a great way to make a first impression. Every sales person needs a variety of sale sheet printing in their marketing arsenal. Using professionally printed sell sheets as handouts to potential clients helps to focus attention on one product or service and helps you keep sales information all in one place.

Standard sell sheet printing prices online are available in multiple sizes with different paper stock options depending on the quantity you need printed. For short run sell sheet printing we use quality digital printing. Quantities over 500 are printed with our offset full color printing press.

Need custom sell sheet printing, call for a quote for different quantities, paper, or die cut printing. We have more sales sheet printing options available as well. We can also help you with all of your sales packet printing needs. Order presentation folder printing, brochures and letterhead all in one place with your sell sheet printing orders.

Add variable data printing to any digital sell sheet printing order. Get personalized sell sheet printing, to make each sell sheet specific to your prospect or customer. Call for variable data sell sheet printing prices today or to learn more about how it can help boost your sales effectiveness.

Sell Sheet Printing Marketing and Resources

Sales sheets are perfect to use for trade shows, events and presentations. Include sell sheet printing in sales folders or use in your store as a take-away marketing piece. Sell sheets are so versatile you can take them on a sales call and leave them behind for additional product and service information.

Sell Sheet Printing Examples
Sell Sheet Printing

The quality from Printing Center USA helps you to create an eye-catching printed sell sheet to help you sell more! Use sales sheets to boost your sales efforts.

Use a printed sell sheet to make a point or direct attention to specific details fast. A sell sheet provides detailed product information and is a great reference tool for your customers. By using full color sell sheet printing you present the best-printed quality to represent your business, products and services.

Sales people know the importance of high quality printed sell sheets. Having important information, facts, and visual pieces is imperative in sales. They help you to educate the customer, answer question and make your customers purchasing decision easier.

Sell Sheet Printing Design Tips A well-created sales data sheet details important information, captivates your audience and has a clear and concise call to action. Successful sales sheet printing starts with a captivating design that compels your audience to action. Use descriptive language to motivate your customer to the next step in the sales process. Have a clear call to action and include important product specifications that will solve a problem or offer a clear benefit to your prospect.

  • Here are a few tips when creating your sell sheet:
  • Keep your content simple, easy to read and don’t overcrowd the page try to focus on one product or service offering.
  • The main idea and focus of your sell sheet printing is to highlight a few key selling points that attracts attention and may lead to requesting more information or further questions.
  • Use strong visuals to attract attention and draw the reader in and direct them to your sell sheet call to action.
  • Divide your information up into categories or columns to help organize and break it into manageable pieces.
  • Include a customer testimonial if you have extra space. Often times your customers can describe what they like about you better then you can. Use their words to convey the type of business you are.

Sell Sheet Printing Layout Grids

Creating sales sheets is easy with PrintingCenterUSA's free downloadable sell sheet printing templates.  First select the fold style, size and click on the button of the program you want to design in.  All sell sheet templates are set up with the correct print ready specs to get you started!
Sell sheet half fold sample



Tir fold sample sell sheet




Z-fold sample sell sheet




Right Angle Tri-Fold
Righ angle tri fold sample sell sheet printing

Double Parallel-Fold
Double parallel fold sample sell sheet



Gate fold sample sell sheet



Double Gate-Fold
Double gate fold sell sheet sample



Basic standards for all Sell Sheet mailing services

The placement of the address can determine the price and eligibility of the mail piece. The placement of the address may render a piece non-mailable or non-machinable. An acceptable mailing address must include:

Elements on the face of a mailpiece

A clear space of 4” x 2” must be available on all mail for the address. Also be sure to include a return address and a permit or stamp area. The location of the delivery address on a letter-size mailpiece determines which dimensions are the length and height of the piece.

Physical standards for Letter
Max for letters and other cards: 6.12 inches high, 11.5 inches long and .25 inches thick. Length is the dimension parallel to the address as read. The folded edge must be at the bottom of your mailing panel. If the size of the brochure has a side folded as well, put this fold to the right edge of the panel.

Estimated Postage rates
Postage is based on whether or not the pieces being mailed qualify for Automated Machinable rates.

Presort Std .233¢ - .2123¢
1st Class .335¢ - .414¢

Presort Standard mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces. First class Presorted mail requires 500 pieces or more. Contact Details:
Main address: 117 9th Street North Great Falls MT 59401 United States ,
Tel:( 800) 995-1555 , Fax:(406) 771-7777 , E-mail: