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Program Printing

Program printing offers your customer event schedules and gives you the opportunity to make money selling program printing ad space. Print programs for any sports event, business, conference, outdoor events, horse events and rodeo's.

Design services for program printing are available.

If you need an event program for your next event, you have came to the right place.

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Program Printing, Sports Programs, Events Programs

At PrintingCenterUSA, our 2 most popular program printing services are Sports program printing and Event program printing. We will print a few as 10 printed color programs with our digital printing press or up to 5000 programs on our offset printing press. We can ship overnight if you are in a rush and our quality work is guaranteed.

  • Program Printing Options with Online Ordering
  • Sizes: 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 5.5, 4.25 x 11 and 6 x 9
  • Saddle-Stitched Binding
  • 8-64 pages
  • Large selection of papers to choose from.
  • Our printing company offers offset and digital, color and/or black and white printed catalogs.
  • 2-5 Business Day Turnaround Options
  • Add QR codes to your printed programs free with
  • Free Program Templates, Ideas, Details, Videos
  • UV coating available on Cover Weight Covers
  • Free Electronic Proof
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee now.
  • Saddle Stitched


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Event Program Printing

Event programs All types of events should have a program. Event program printing for different events or functions such as conferences, trade shows, exhibits, seminars, forums, and symposiums.

Event Programs are printed booklets that contain the information guests and attendees need to know to keep your event running smoothly. with them.

The event programs provide introductions, schedule and description of events, including order of activities and duration, list participants, maps or add special notes about your gathering or organization and:

  • Spotlight and provide thanks to participants, speakers, entertainment, special guests, and other worthy parties.
  • Express your thanks to sponsors and anyone who provided promotional items, donated funds, or did volunteer work for your event.
  • Testimonials frοm friends and clients.
  • Addresses and websites where donations may be sent.
  • Information about your event, organization, hοw, milestones and mission.
  • Pictures of individuals or groups, past events and activities.
  • Upcoming events calendar.
  • Catalogs of items for sale.

Who Uses Event Program Printing

  • Recitals: Dance, musical performance and more.
  • Business meetings, conventions, conferences, teambuilding, association events, corporate product launches, sales meetings, trade shows, training services, exhibits, seminars, forums, and symposiums
  • Education: grade schools, junior high, high school, universities, teachers, students, library, graduations, school plays and more.
  • Pageants, society balls, charitable auctions, fundraising, cinema, theater, music events,  art exhibitions and more.
  • Youth events, wedding, birthday family reunion events
  • Food events

Sports program printing is essential for any sporting event and usually do a season program with possible inserts for team rosters and other individual event information.

Our most common school and athletic sporting events are: football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, bowling, wrestling, swimming, baton twirling, volley ball,  cheerleading and more. Outdoor events, motorized sports, horse events, rodeos and more.

Sports Programs- Our sports careers don’t last forever. Sports programs can become souvenirs to keep the memories alive that athletes made families and fans proud and will treasure for years to come. If you are not going to save and cherish your sports program, you might want to use them to put your drink on, fan yourself, throw at someone, or get the attention of a vendor.

 For smaller schools, who don’t have the sponsor base that larger cities do, perhaps one program for all of the sporting events in the fall ( say football, soccer, wrestling, band or other fall sports].Winter[boys and girls basketball, cheerleaders squad]. Spring can be combined with baseball, softball, lacrosse. Or combined however you see fit that fits your community and sponsor base. See market smarts for other ideas. For multisport programs, you could print half of the program upside down giving you 2 front covers.

A primary benefit of your sports program is;
The information you give to your fans, such as:  Pictures and roster of individual players, team pictures of varsity, junior varsity and cheerleaders. A picture of the coaches and a letter from the coach can be included.  Information, records, statistics, schedule, advertising, action pictures, previous scores, thank you page, meet the senior’s page, rules for the game and an autograph page could be included.

Programs make money for your school.
A huge part of this is the advertising that is associated with this item. Not only are you creating an booklet that is beneficial, you become a prime source of ad space that sponsors are going to want to take advantage of

Advertising can be sold to business’ to cover the cost of the program and make money

  • Different size Advertising pages (full page, half page, quarter page) (business card size page, 8 up on individual page)
  • Sponsors page(have platinum, gold, silver, bronze, list of business’) 
  • Players can be sponsored by family, friends, business, etc, 
  • Programs are sold at the game or event to make a profit.
  • See our Calendar Fundraising page for Marketing and sales ideas
  • For smaller schools, do one program for all of the sporting events.
  •  The advertising costs can easily cover the cost of the calendars
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