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Rack Brochure Examples

Companies that want to convey a lot of information in a short space should look no further than rack brochure printing. Rack brochure printing provides companies all the benefits of traditional brochures while being tailored to fit in rack card holders, thereby minimizing display volume.

Entertainment and tourism businesses have traditionally had a lot of success using rack brochures. They can contain maps of a given area and also list any local sites to see, restaurants to visit and activities to do while travelers are in the area. 

That isn't to say that other companies can't use rack brochures, however. Healthcare organizations can print information about conditions or cures, while restaurants can publish compact menus. The key with rack brochure printing is to display the materials where the intended audience is sure to see them.

You can check out some examples to help get some creative design ideas flowing. Once you have an idea in mind, Printing Center USA can help you bring your concept into reality. We offer competitive prices on all of our printing services.

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