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Sell Sheet Examples

When it comes to printed marketing materials, it's hard to beat sell sheets. Sell sheets are the ultimate visual marketing tool, giving viewers a detailed description of your product in a format that is both easy-to-read and aesthetically pleasing.

Sell sheets combine the best of posters and brochures and put them on a single sheet of paper. The front is often visually appealing, containing brand logos, pictures of products and vibrant colors, along with basic marketing copy. The back generally contains a number of facts about the product or service, detailing specifically how it can benefit consumers.

Many companies use sell sheets because they are highly portable. A stack of sell sheets are perfect if you are giving a presentation about a product and want attendees to have a quick overview, or if you're heading to an industry trade show or press conference.

Because sell sheets are visual-heavy marketing tools, it's best to take advantage of Printing Center USA's full-color printing options. Of course, we offer a variety of sell sheet formats, ensuring our clients are able to create the ideal sell sheet for whatever situation.

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