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Calendar Printing Services

Order calendar printing services with confidence when you know you are working with a calendar printer you can trust. Understanding the processes involved in calendar printing service makes print ordering easier, but if you don't have the time, rely on us to follow your order every step of the way to ensure you get the calendar printing services you want. You don’t need to be an expert calendar printer to order correctly, sometimes by just working with the right person you can get the job done right.

One of our newest photo calendar printing services is now you can create your own custom calendar with our online calendar design tool. Personalize your own occasions, dates and events. Add own your own photos from your desktop. When you are done, submit your file and we will have it printed and ready to ship or mail in 2-6 business days.

If you need it faster, just ask, call at 1 800-995-1555 today or click on Request a Quote. We are always available to help you
If you prefer to just order online it is important to have some basic knowledge so you don't have to rely on a CSR to help. With the vast amount of online full color calendar printing services available some of the choices can be confusing. Understanding how the print process works will ensure perfect online calendar printing ordering, with every order you place. Here are a few quick pointers to help order calendar printing services online successfully.

There are a variety of calendar size options available. Prices can vary drastically depending on the style, size, and quantity of your order. Select a flat sheet poster style wall calendar to save money and purchase a 28-page wall calendar for fund-raising and calendars that require a lot more information.

Other calendar printing services to understand are the binding options. The most common 28-page wall calendar is a saddle-stitched. Spiral bound and wire-o bound are also available. Select your bindery based on the look, price and functionality that best suits your needs.

One last tip to know about calendar printing service is that purchasing your printing in bulk helps you to decrease your cost per calendar when you need a large number. We print quantities of 500 to 3,000 on our offset printing equipment. But there is also the option of using digital printing to save money on smaller quantity printed calendars. We print short run digital calendars in quantities of 1 to 500, thereby giving you the best prices available.

PrintingCenterUSA can help you with all of your calendar printing services regardless if you place orders online or on the phone. We have instant online pricing and great customer support to help with any questions.


Calendar Marketing, Fundraising and Promotion Ideas

Add Variable Data To Your Calender Print Order to personalize the cover or information.
Get a Free QR Code to link customers to your website from your calendar all year long,  Set up a web page where you change your discount each month, and they can scan the calendar qr code to find out what it is.  Call to get started!

Calendar Printing Examples

Look through our customer calendar printing samples to get ideas for your next project. Discover new ways to market, fund raise or inform using full color calendar printing. Look though all of our calendar printing examples to get new ideas for your next marketing campaign. See how some companies and schools use calendars to increase awareness, fund raise and for branding. Hype new products. Whatever your calendar printing needs, PrintingCenterUSA can help you get what you need.

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More Calendar Marketing Ideas and Tips:
The best part about incorporating calendar printing into your marketing is that they are useful to your customers. People like to receive them as gifts, they use them at work, at home and even in their cars. You can never receive too many printed calendars, you’ll find a way to use them all, or give them to someone else to use.

It is hard to throw away a calendar. Most people have trouble tossing something that can be used into the trash, unlike the postcard you mailed them last week! And compared to that postcard, they will only look at once a printed calendar is used all year, with your logo, web address and phone number staring back at them.


Calendar printing is a fundraisers best friend.
Not only do you generate cash by selling advertising and selling the calendar but you also have 28 pages to fill with compelling copy and images about your message. Even if you are not selling the calendars or advertising, the right calendar can increase your donations and response rates.

Selling ad space in calendars is easier then placement in a program. Unlike programs, calendar printing is viewed all year, making the ad space more appealing. Calendar printing services are an affordable and effective fund raising tool used by organizations nationwide!

The purpose of brand marketing is establishing an idea of who you are and being recognized by a specific slogan, logo or icon. In order for brand marketing to be effective it requires repetition. Calendar printing gives you a year of branding and allows you to reinforce who you are every day. Sending customers a free calendar makes you a part of their office and subconsciously they are seeing your name daily! A 28 page calendar gives you room to market to your customers on a monthly basis. All pages will be seen, all pages will be up for a continual 30 days in plain sight. No other form of marketing can brag about results like that. Not billboards, posters, tv ads or email blasts. Calendar printing services are an essential part of brand marketing.


Here are some ideas for increasing the effectiveness of your calendar marketing efforts throughout the year.

  • Get personal; include images of your company and employees.
  • On each page, advertise monthly coupons, products, or specials.
  • Display photography, art, or other personalized pieces.
  • Include useful tips or information that your audience will want to reference each month.

Calendar Printing Case Studies
Discover real life examples of how calendars have helped businesses, organizations and schools just like yours reach their marketing and fundraising goals.   Check out all of our product case studies for marketing strategies, successful ways to raise funds and unique ways to engage your readers.

Apparel Poster Henders Calendar Poster calendar promotes products and informs customers

High School Brings Big Profit: The Hamilton Aggie Marching Band calendar generated 10% of the band’s annual expenses, by printing a calendar that sold advertising.

High School Fundraising: The Hawaii High School Rodeo Association printed a 15-month calendar to raise money and to honor the students in the program.

High School Sponsors Pay For The Calendar: Wild Country sold ads in their 2009 school calendar to cover the calendar cost, by printing a calendar where they sold spots for local business to advertise.

High School Budget Calendar: St. Gregory School provided 300 parents with a calendar under a tight budget, by printing a simple and clean calendar.

Private High School Events Calendar: Loyola High School printed a yearly calendar to show parents and donors how extracurricular activities help students learn teamwork, self-discipline and sportsmanship, build self-confidence, find outlets for creative expression and develop valuable skills that will help them succeed in life.

University Increasing Donation: The Lebanese American University Calendar caught the eyes of donors and supporters for a whole year, by printing a calendar that thanked alumni for their donations.

University Calendar Rakes In Cash: The University of Great Falls printed a yearly calendar that got the whole community involved by combining cash prizes.

University Gaining Awareness: Montana Wheat Growers and Montana State University Urban Integrated Pest Management Program printed a calendar to inform County Agencies and Montana Wheat Growers about common Montana Wheat Pests.

University Campus Calendar Informs Students: Ball State University printed a full color calendar to attract the student’s attention. The goal was to increase the attendance of students at campus events.

Business University Calendar Printing Example: A University of Florida fan turns his passion for gator football into a growing business called “Alligator Dreams” by printing calendars filled with the gator’s mascot.

Additional Calendar Printing Resources and Ideas
How Long it Takes to Put Together a School Calendar  While calendars can be created quickly, that doesn't mean that there isn't a certain amount of care needed to create an appealing calendar.

Calendars for Any Group in Your School Events, Plays, Band, Cheerleaders and DECA
  Many school organizations use calendars for fundraising purposes. Calendar printing is affordable, while the finished product can be sold to parents and supporters.

Showcase School Sports Pictures With a Calendar
Schools can get the most out of their sports pictures by also including them in promotional calendars.

How to Use a Calendar Template
  Calendar templates are effective design tools because they allow you to focus specifically on the elements that matter - creative design.

How to Make Money With Calendar Print Fundraising  Nonprofit organizations and other groups with limited budgets have often turned to selling promotional calendars to supplement their funds.

Easy Calendar Layout Ideas - The key is to be creative with your calendar designs and make something that best represents your company.

Calendar printing tips for beginners - First-time calendar creators will want to use the pieces to showcase their organizations and what they stand for. 

How to Design A Calendar - While many companies think of calendars as simple organizational tools, savvy entrepreneurs will use them as promotional branding pieces. Calendars offer businesses a way to generate exposure for their products and services 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
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2012 & 2013 Calendar Printing Layout Grids

  • Click on the grid and year you wish to download. (All are PDF files)
  • Place them in your layout with images to quickly complete your calendar.
  • Inform your CSR to alter colors or minor adjustments to any grid.

Pre-Made Templates - Just insert your own images!

Grid #1   2013 2014

Grid #2   2013 2014

Grid #3   2013 2014


Grid #4   2013 2014

Grid #5   2013 2014

Grid #6   2013 2014


Grid #7   2013 2014

Grid #8  2013 2014

Grid #9   2013 2014

Blank Templates


Calendar Fundraising -

Schools, Animals, Sports, Communities, Police, Fire Departments

How can I make money for my school, club or non-profit organization with very little upfront money by selling fundraising calendars from PrintingCenterUSA?

Our Calendar Fundraising Program will supply you with everything you need to get started, design and sell your calendars. PrintingCenterUSA will print 10 copies of your calendar for $137 for you to use as sales samples. When all of your orders are placed we will print and ship your fundraising calendars to you for distribution.

Click here for more details or call 800-995-1555.

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Calendars are a great way to fundraise for your school, non profit organization or for your association or club. Check out our Guide to raising money with calendars PrintingCenterUSA has some great resources to help you get started. Did you know that you can presell ad space to cover the printing costs, so you have no upfront costs on the fundraising project. There are many ways you can raise money with calendars other then ad space. Read our case studies and browse through our examples to see how others are making $1000's with calendar fundraising.

Fundraising For Your School:

Click to Download Our Education How to fundraise with Calendars Informative PDF Now & the how to make $5000 for your school Visual Calendar Guide. Get more education printing resources now.Nonprofit Calendar Printing Services

Need a Great Fundraiser for your Organization or Association? 
Click get our nonprofit calendar fundraising help pdf and Visual Calendar with ad layout ideas and more.  A calendar is a great way to stay in front of people and voice your message all year.  Sell Advertising to local businesses, feature stories, valuable information and remind people to donate... We can help you get started! Click here for more nonprofit ideas, case studies and examples.

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