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Non Profit Printing Services

For charities and nonprofit organizations, print materials can be one of the most effective ways to reach donors, raise funds and generate awareness for their campaigns. Printing Center USA offers a variety of print solutions to nonprofits, ranging from color brochures to promotional calendars.

When it comes to reaching new donors, nonprofits traditionally find the most success using direct mail. According to a recent report from The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving, charitable donations increased 6.2 percent from March 2010 to May 2010. The majority of these contributions were made using traditional platforms, such as direct mail, which accounted for nearly 95 percent of donations.

Small organizations find print materials are especially effective for generating contributions, with many firms acquiring 92.7 percent of donations through traditional methods.

Older philanthropists between the ages of 40 and 60 are more likely to respond to print materials that are mailed to them, which is important because they also make larger donations. Additionally, donors that are acquired through direct mail are more likely to make repeat donations.

Nonprofit organizations will find Printing Center USA offers a large array of direct mail materials. For low-budget campaigns, charities may want to consider mailing postcards to prospects. Otherwise, they may want to consider using full color brochures. Nonprofits should also remember to include an envelope with their direct mail package to encourage recipients to donate.

Another way that philanthropic organizations use print materials to raise funds is by selling promotional items. For example, printing calendars is relatively inexpensive and can be done quickly. Charities can then sell the calendars, providing donors with a long-lasting value for their contributions. Similarly, nonprofits can print packs of greeting cards with images representing their organization to sell for funds.

Furthermore, nonprofits can use posters and flyers to promote fundraising events, maximizing turn out and generating public awareness. Once charities have acquired donors, they can print and mail newsletters, allowing them to keep donors informed about organizational developments, upcoming events and fundraising drives.

Printing Center USA is the perfect solution for nonprofit organizations. We provide instant pricing and ordering online, so charities can carefully budget their expenditures. Printing Center USA also offers competitive prices for quantities between one and 10,000 pieces. Additionally, we have in house mailing to ensure that promotional pieces go out promptly and our variable data printing services allow nonprofits to send specialized materials to each of their prospects.

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Non-Profit Printing Examples

Non Profit Case Studies

Printing Center USA has gathered our nonprofit customers stories to share with other organizations like yours. See how others are creatively reaching out to the community and donors to intensify their fundraisng results.

Booklets Animal Foundation Booklet: Auction Event Fundraising: A Nonprofit Organization, The Animal Foundation, has an annual fundraising event they call the “Fur Ball” which they use a printed booklet for the charity auction event.

Brochure Non-Profit Brochure Advertise Fundraiser: The Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center printed a brochure to advertise a fundraising event called “Father Day 5k Run For Families”.

Calendars Annual Report Nonprofit Helps with Affordable Housing: Yolo County in California uses a calendar to gain awareness to help prevent long term homelessness.

Calendar Helps Animal Shelter Pay The Bills: A nonprofit organization called “Pet Paw-See” printed a calendar to help pay for their shelters veterinarian bill. The nonprofit organization helps unwanted animals find loving homes. The Pet Paw-See goal was to sell the calendar around town at local veterinarian clinics.

Calendar Advertise Fundraiser: The Valley County Museum in Glasgow, Montana printed the Assiniboine Tribe Calendar to sell to visitors to raise money for the exhibit.

Men in Pink Raise Money with a Calendar: Local Business Owners Take their Shirts of and Raise Money.

Invitation Invitation Advertise Fundraiser: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society boosted attendance at their 26th Annual Seattle Celebrity Waiters event by sending this invitation direct mail piece.

Flyer Nonprofit Flyer Request Cards: The Todd Becker Foundation uses many different printed pieces in their marketing and fundraising efforts and one of the most critical concerns is to be able to maintain colors and quality across all the different pieces. Contact Details:
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