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School and Education Photo Book Printing Services

Now you can afford professional-qualityschool year calendars, K-9 yearbooks, sports and event programs, sports, club, activity, memory photo books, fundraising calendars and programs at a fraction of the cost of local and online printing companies.
If you are considering making any of these books, you have come to the right place. PrintingCenterUSA is rated #1 for professional quality online booklet printing in the USA and is only a click of the mouse away.
These professional quality soft cover, saddle-stitch bound, 8.5 x 11 and 5.5 x 8.5 bookletsand calendars are printed in vivid full color with vibrant color photos on 100# gloss or matte text and 80#, 100# or 12Pt gloss or matte cover paper which can be UV coated to give that luxurious high gloss finish. They are very durable and will set your school apart by making a positive and long lasting first impression. We offer fast, easy ordering, design options and affordable printing prices for quantities of 10 to 3,000.
Our photobooks can start with as few as 8 pages including cover. Pages can be added in multiples of 4 pages - 8, 12 16- 96. Pricing goes up accordingly. You can print on the inside front and back cover.
Simply get a price and upload your files or try our photo calendar, saddle stitch photo book design tool or templates. Just upload your photos & text, submit, OK the proof and we’ll do the rest.
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Request a fully finished hard copy proof for $34.95 and you will receive it within 5 days or less in the continental USA. We are positive that you will love them and want more.
Print 10 to 500 saddle-stitched digital booklets with 48 hour rush servicefrom proof approval, 5pm EST, if you need it now.Ship overnight or 3 day anywhere in continental USA.
Create or make you own School Year Calendars, K-9 Yearbooks, Sports and Event Programs, Sports, Club, Activity Memory Books and Fundraising Projects.
Save Time and Money   Fast and Easy
  All you need is a digital camera and a computer.
Design it yourself
Let students create their own books
Take your own picture and upload photos, images
Free online photo book design tool
Free templates, clip art, backgrounds, etc.
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Turn your project into a fundraising project
How to Create Fundraising Calendars
  How to Create Fundraising Programs
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K-9 School Year Books
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School Year Calendars
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One industry that can use print materials to a  great degree of success is the education sector. With many institutions  facing budget cuts, print materials can be used to attract new  students, raise funds and promote special events.

Printing Center USA offers a variety of print  solutions to educators, whether they represent large public schools or  small private schools.

Educational Professionals Team Up With Printing Center USA

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  • Customized marketing collateral: add a competitive edge to your marketing for better response rates with variable data printing.
  • Fast turnaround times.

Many institutions use print materials, such as flyers, posters and color brochures to promote events and reach prospective students. These materials are all relatively inexpensive, can be printed very quickly and have a wide array of uses.

Colleges and universities can use flyers, catalogs, booklets and brochures to reach graduating high school teens and their parents. Additionally, they could send could send materials to graduating alumni to collect donations and generate funds.

Meanwhile, high schools and grade schools can use programs, posters and flyers to promote special functions, such as fundraisers and sporting events.

When it comes to raising funds, many schools find calendar printing and greeting card printing is especially effective. For example, Printing Centre USA printed calendars for the Hamilton Aggie High School Marching Band that generated 10 percent of the group's annual expenses.

Calendars are cost efficient and can be produced quickly, to minimize production costs, while they also offer long-lasting value to donors. To help fund calendars, schools can partner with local businesses in return for advertising space inside the calendar. Calendars can be sold year round at sporting events and other functions, which gives schools plenty of opportunities to sell them.

Extracurricular clubs, such as sports teams, can use print materials to promote their organizations and raise funds. Club heads can print their schedules for parents and use posters to advertise upcoming events. At functions, they can sell calendars or other promotional products to generate money for new equipment or club trips.

No matter what a school’s printing needs are, Printing Center USA can help. We offer extra assistance to those with special requests and our customer service is top notch.

Printing Center USA is one of the few online printing service providers that can offer competitive prices for schools with small printing needs, from one to 10,000 pieces. We can produce a variety of materials, including informational brochures, promotional posters and fundraising calendars. Additionally, we have high-speed printers to ensure you get your products in time for the next sports event or club meeting. Craig Barber


Education Resources

Fundraising raise money for your school

Using print is a great way to boost your fundraising efforts. Have you ever had a fundraising flop? Have you been put in charge of raising money for a school program and need help? Want new and effective fundraising ideas? This is the pace to be! No more bake sales, card washes, or ridiculous schemes to raise money. We are sharing fresh ideas and examples of effective fundraising projects that have made other schools across the country very successful in their fundraising efforts. Read More

Sport and events promotion

Boosting event attendance is a numbers game-the more people who know about an event; the easier it is to fill seats. This is especially true for sports events, regardless of whether they are run by private schools, large universities or recreational organizations.  Need some design ideas for posters? Here are some great theme posters, money saving posters, and event poster ideas. Ideas and great saving on posters, programs, schedule cards, calendars, greeting cards, tickets, concert programs, event programs and flyers. Read More

Recruitment and Enrollment

Print Materials Best For School Recruitment and Enrollment

Schools can’t recruit new students if their parents don’t know their organization even exists – that’s why it’s vital that educational institutions generate awareness in their local communities through advertising. Printing Center USA offers schools a number of print marketing services that are sure to help schools get the word out to prospective students. Read More


Custom-printed paper products, such as letterheads, envelopes, folder and stationery, lend a feel of professionalism to school communications. Whether they are mailing home report cards, bills or letters to parents, custom-printed materials will ensure that the school gets the attention of the recipient. Read More

Education Materials

Digital Bound Books, Color Copies, Folders, Schedule Books, Work Books, Tests, Graduation Materials, Bookmarks, Year Books, Student Handbooks, Student Schedules, Newsletter, Flyer, Poster, Graduation Programs, great ideas, prices and support for all your education material needs. Read More

Student Outreach

Reaching new students is key to the survival of a school – if it can’t continually boost its student population, it will struggle to get the necessary funding to support itself. Print marketing materials can be used to accomplish just that. They’re number of different print materials that schools can use to for outreach initiatives, depending on what their goals are. Read More

Get ideas and inspiration for design, fund raising, and boosting awareness for your school.

How To Fundraise $1000-10,000 With Calendars.  This step by step guide outlines how to sell ads, layout, and has a downloadable calendar that shows you different layout ideas, ad sizes, and great money raising ideas.

Need help with your design, we help schools nationwide with graphic design for sports posters, programs and more.

Fundraising Ideas For Schools Using Print.  Here are a few great ways to raise money for your team or school.  Using print is a great way to boost your fundraising efforts.

Useful Tips for designing your sports calendar. 11 helpful tips for coaches, parents or students to make designing your school calendar easy!

Sports Event Poster Printing: Posters can help event planners generate awareness for upcoming games and simultaneously boost funds if sold to fans. These marketing tools should be posted in high-traffic areas, such as campus centers or local malls, to maximize exposure.

Inform Parents and Community of Events, Meetings and School Holidays with a Printed Calendar  Parents and community members like to be involved in their region's educational programs. One way that school administrators can keep these people in the know is through annual printed calendars.

How Long it Takes to Put Together a School Calendar  While calendars can be created quickly, that doesn't mean that there isn't a certain amount of care needed to create an appealing calendar. 

Calendars for Any Group in Your School Events, Plays, Band, Cheerleaders and DECA  Many school organizations use calendars for fundraising purposes. Calendar printing is affordable, while the finished product can be sold to parents and supporters.

Showcase School Sports Pictures With a Calendar  Schools can get the most out of their sports pictures by also including them in promotional calendars.

Top Reasons Why Your School Should Use a School Sports Program  Sports programs are popular among many schools because they are cost-efficient to produce, yet they also serve a variety of purposes.

How to Make Money With Sports Poster Printing  Schools that are looking to boost their budgets or simply offset the costs of poster printing should consider selling advertisement space on their posters.

Join Forces With TV and Radio Stations to Sell Calendar Dates and Raise More Money   Selling advertising space to local businesses is one of the best ways to bankroll a new calendar printing initiative.

How to Use a Calendar Template  Calendar templates are effective design tools because they allow you to focus specifically on the elements that matter - creative design.

How to Make Money With Calendar Print Fundraising  Nonprofit organizations and other groups with limited budgets have often turned to selling promotional calendars to supplement their funds.

Program Printing Ideas for Schools  Whether schools are trying to reach new students or simply promote their sports teams, programs are effective tools for generating awareness.

Your School Sports Team Can Have a Great Looking Poster  Posters are especially effective for schools looking to promote sporting events - they can be posted around college campuses or in hallways so that the entire student body knows about games.

What to Include in a School Sports Program  The key to creating a successful sports program is to think like a fan - what would they want to know about?

Sell Greeting Cards to Fundraise for Your School  Greeting cards are the perfect way to show off school pride. Many parents will want to purchase these cards to send to family and friends.

How to Sell Advertising With Your Fundraising  Small organizations can ask local businesses for some help with funds in return for free product placement within the print materials.

How to Boost Sponsors in Your Fundraising Efforts  When it comes to fundraising, approaching local businesses can be an effective way to generate the funds required to print promotional materials.

Print Materials Best for School Recruitment and Enrollment  The key to successful advertising is to take a variety of approaches - schools need to promote their services both directly and indirectly.

Education, Sport and Event Promotion with Print  Whether educational institutions use promotional poster printing or distribute flyers, print is one of the best ways to get the word out about your events.

Raise Money with Printed Posters, Greeting Cards and CalendarsIn light of the economic recession, many schools have turned to unconventional means to bolster their budgets.

How Education Administrative Professionals Use Print Materials  Custom-printed paper products, such as letterheads, envelopes, folders and stationery, lend a feel of professionalism to school communications.

Boost Student Outreach with Print  Reaching new students is key to the survival of a school - if it can't continually boost its student population, it will struggle to get the necessary funding to support itself. 

How to Create a Profitable Fundraising Program for Your School  If schools are willing to put in a bit of effort, they can devise extremely profitable fundraising programs for their students to help support these programs.

How to Take Pictures for Your Sports Team   When you're creating promotional print materials for your school's sports team, taking clear and interesting photographs is important.

Ad Sales Tips  While printing promotional products is often an affordable business expense, the trying economy may have some businesses thinking twice.

What Print Products You Need to Use for Your School  Schools need to stay in touch with both students and their parents, and there is no better way of doing this than with print materials.

How Our Marketing Resources Can Benefit Your School Fundraising   When it comes down to it, fundraising initiatives need to be well marketed to make money. However, many educators are inexperienced marketers, which can leave them wondering how to boost the effectiveness of their fundraisers.

How Trading Cards Benefit Your Sports Team   Trading cards are one way that sports team organizers can help generate more money for their programs.  

Education Case Stuies
Browse by product to see how other educators are using print successfully for fund raising, raising awareness, increasing donations and more.

Annual Reports
Education Annual Report:
Private School Archbishop Murphy High School got creative by using its annual report to raise money for the school. The report combined student services to change the look and feel to attract parents, alumni, and trustee’s to donate more money.

Children Learning Program: Music Lingua Booklet Increase Enrollment

Education Booklet: Photo Book Attracts Pledges: The Sigma Pi fraternity in Auburn, Al tweaked their marking efforts to attract more pledges.

High School Brings Big Profit
: The Hamilton Aggie Marching Band calendar generated 10% of the band’s annual expenses, by printing a calendar that sold advertising.

High School Fundraising: The Hawaii High School Rodeo Association printed a 15-month calendar to raise money and to honor the students in the program.

High School Sponsors Pay For The Calendar: Wild Country sold ads in their 2009 school calendar to cover the calendar cost, by printing a calendar where they sold spots for local business to advertise.

High School Budget Calendar: St. Gregory School provided 300 parents with a calendar under a tight budget, by printing a simple and clean calendar.

Private High School Events Calendar: Loyola High School printed a yearly calendar to show parents and donors how extracurricular activities help students learn teamwork, self-discipline and sportsmanship, build self-confidence, find outlets for creative expression and develop valuable skills that will help them succeed in life.

University Increasing Donation: The Lebanese American University Calendar caught the eyes of donors and supporters for a whole year, by printing a calendar that thanked alumni for their donations.

University Calendar Rakes In Cash: The University of Great Falls printed a yearly calendar that got the whole community involved by combining cash prizes.

University Gaining Awareness: Montana Wheat Growers and Montana State University Urban Integrated Pest Management Program printed a calendar to inform County Agencies and Montana Wheat Growers about common Montana Wheat Pests.

University Campus Calendar Informs Students: Ball State University printed a full color calendar to attract the student’s attention. The goal was to increase the attendance of students at campus events.

Business University Calendar Printing Example: A University of Florida fan turns his passion for gator football into a growing business called “Alligator Dreams” by printing calendars filled with the gator’s mascot.

University Catalog: Informative: Montana State University informs a large number of people with its cost effective booklet.

University Catalog: Enrollment: Louisiana State University printed a full color catalog and increased its fall enrollment.

Private School Catalog: The Montana Wilderness School Of The Bible printed this catalog as a promotional advertising piece.

University Magazine Raises Research Money Big Sky Small Acres printed this magazine to show people what it’s like to live in rural Montana.

Southern NCSY Uses QR Codes on Postcards
QR codes enhance response rates and event attendance from teens through postcard direct mailers


Education Poster Chicago U visual arts The University of Chicago Open Practice Committee created a brochure that opened to a poster to advertise their visual arts program displays. Contact Details:
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Tel:( 800) 995-1555 , Fax:(406) 771-7777 , E-mail: