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Epic School Creates Epic School Spirit (and you can too!)


Are you thinking about printing a school calendar? Are you looking for inspiration? Look no further than the 2016 calendar for Lawrence Woodmere Academy. They needed their calendar design to reflect their school spirit and culture because they give the calendars away to parents of the students and to the staff at the school.

To learn how they had accomplished their calendar goals, PrintingCenterUSA spoke with Laura, the calendar designer, to learn more about how they chose the theme and design. Since Laura was using Photoshop, she started by choosing two of our free downloadable templates then she “frankenstein’d” them together to get the “look” she wanted. Her next step was to utilize their school colors of blue & white throughout the design. She also used orange, the color of their tiger mascot, to further enhance the “look”.

After choosing the design and layout, it was time for her to add images. They want parents and students to keep the calendar and use it like a memory book for years to come. So on the cover they used a picture of all the graduating seniors. They also used pictures that were taken throughout the school year.

We asked Laura what advice she would give for someone who is thinking about designing and printing a school calendar. She said that the entire Photoshop file was so large on her computer that it slowed everything down. She recommended splitting the design into a few smaller files to make everything easier to work with. For example, January through April would be saved in one file, then the next several months would be saved in a different file. 


For your next school calendar project, be sure to think about who you will be selling or giving the calendars to. Then, tailor the design to that audience. For example, Laura wanted to ensure that parents and staff members would be aware of all upcoming school events. Since they want the students to keep the calendars for years to come, it was also important that the design reflected their school culture. What is important to your school?

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