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Page Count

We require that any multi-page PDF files be sent as single page images, not spreads. In the files, page 1 should be the front cover and the last page should be the back cover (see left). Learn More

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Image Resolution


PrintingCenterUSA recommends that the resolution of your images and document be 300 dpi or more. Learn More

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Bleed is an extra 1/8” of image that extends beyond the trim area of your printed piece. The project is printed on an oversized sheet that is cut down to size with the appearance that the image is “bleeding” off the edge of the paper. Learn More

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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Brochure Printed?

You can get 500 copies of an 8.5” x 11” Tri-Fold brochure on 100# Gloss Text , Full Color, (4/4) printed and delivered to your doorstep in 4-11 business days with our Wait & Save Printing Time option for only $217.36 ($0.43 each) or 2500 copies for only $404.02 ($0.16 each) plus shipping and handling at Get an instant price on our cost calculator.

• These are examples of our everyday competitive prices.

*Prices are subject to change/shipping NOT included.

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14 x 8.5$8.07 each
$80.65 total
$1.03 each
$258.03 total
$0.70 each
$352.41 total
$0.45 each
$447.64 total
$0.33 each
$821.37 total
$0.20 each
$989.05 total
$0.15 each
$1,503.62 total
11 x 8.5$7.20 each
$71.98 total
$0.71 each
$178.33 total
$0.40 each
$197.79 total
$0.25 each
$248.68 total
$0.12 each
$311.37 total
$0.08 each
$389.68 total
$0.07 each
$663.23 total
8.5 x 11
$7.56 each
$75.61 total
$0.76 each
$188.88 total
$0.43 each
$217.36 total
$0.29 each
$286.08 total
$0.16 each
$404.02 total
$0.11 each
$574.94 total
$0.10 each
$1,031.38 total
11 x 17
Double Parallel
$8.49 each
$84.87 total
$1.19 each
$297.68 total
$0.83 each
$412.59 total
$0.54 each
$542.46 total
$0.41 each
$1,024.93 total
$0.27 each
$1,344.19 total
$0.22 each
$2,173.99 total
11 x 25.5
$13.52 each
$135.24 total
$1.27 each
$317.97 total
$1.19 each
$595.03 total
$0.85 each
$852.63 total
$0.54 each
$1,348.00 total
$0.39 each
$1,925.85 total
$0.29 each
$2,866.24 total

How to Print a Brochure in 7 Easy & Affordable Steps

  1. Gather all of your Brochure project’s content and images.
  2. Place and format your content and images in an Adobe Suite Program (InDesign or Illustrator) Use our free downloadable templates with folding guides to prepare your design. Click here
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  5. We will then run your files through our 43-point checklist and send you a PDF proof for you to approve or reject.
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Independent Customer Reviews

Brochure Printing Services

Rated4.9out of 5
Based on 256 reviews
22 days ago
The brochures are perfect for us. The process to reorder was easy and efficient.
3 mon ago
Great quality, prompt production and delivery
4 mon ago
The best!!!
5 mon ago
I’ve printed brochures from several different printers and these were by far the best quality! The price was even better!
6 mon ago
Excellent customer service; beautiful printing job; arrived early
6 mon ago
Printing quality was great. Suggested heaviest paper stock wasn’t very thick. Would have preferred heavier. Service rep was very helpful!
7 mon ago
Always great pricing and service!
7 mon ago
I had to wait until I saw the finished product but they turned out great. Thank you for the fast turn artound.
7 mon ago
The quality of the brochures is great and they were printed and shipped in a very timely manor.
8 mon ago
Such beautiful, professional, and timely work! Thank you SO much!
9 mon ago
The brochures look great and are very high quality.
9 mon ago
Great Product great customer service
10 mon ago
Awesome Quality! Excellent service everytime!
10 mon ago
Nice service
1 yr ago
great quality and an easy site to use
1 yr ago
Helpful staff. Quality tri fold printed brochure. Quick production time!
1 yr ago
These turned out great. Thank you.
1 yr ago
10/10 recommend this company and the brochures turned out beautiful. A representative called me and walked through the options and let me know the difference between the types of paper. Printing through Printing CenterUSA saved me over $200 for better quality brochures. Can’t recommend them enough
1 yr ago
The brochures look terrific! Perfect, vivid color.
1 yr ago
Thank you, as always, great product and reliable delivery
1 yr ago
Great products and on time delivery.
1 yr ago
Excellent work. Fast turnaround. Best quality.
1 yr ago
All was great! Very good print quality and very good and precise communication! I am very happy with the service
1 yr ago
They did a great job. High quality for a fair price.
1 yr ago
Excellent as always! That is why we keep returning to PrintingCenterUSA. Thank you!
1 yr ago
Amazing brochures, fast shipping, great customer service! Highly recommend!
2 yr ago
Extremely happy with the brochures! Thank you.
2 yr ago
As always, a great job!
2 yr ago
I recently used for a second time, and my brochures came out even better than the first! I created my own ahead of time, and their process makes it extremely simple to transfer what you may put together via Microsoft Office, etc. Much easier than starting from scratch and/or dealing with sites that don't allow you to cut and paste. In addition, their customer service is excellent. I just really loved my experience with them and highly recommend their services. Their prices are great, to boot! I'll be using them over and over, for sure.
2 yr ago
Great work and service
2 yr ago
My experience was outstanding! I had a question before I ordered, and received a reply the same day with an answer that told me that it doesn’t matter what software I use to create the PDF. So I ordered, and the shipment arrived 4 days later, 3 days earlier than the delivery estimate when placing my order. The brochures were prefolded at the perfect seam such that the margins were equal on all sides. Brochures were shrink-wrapped in stacks of 100. Each brochure has a slight shine giving it an official look and smudge resistance, and clearly not something I printed on my inkjet printer. I could not be happier and already gave away 200 brochures at this weekend’s train show.
2 yr ago
The color, the folding and everything about them is perfect. And, as always, the customer service was outstanding.
2 yr ago
Printing is ok, only 1 package was delivered so late, but it is not your fault. Ups misplaced my package. Everything is ok now.
2 yr ago
excellent quality and fast customer response
2 yr ago
High quality product. Easy system to upload files and approve proofs. Quick accurate initial proof! Production was slower than usual.
2 yr ago
Great quality, easy to design and quick production/shopping.
2 yr ago
Excellent quality and service. They are the only printer we use!
2 yr ago
Overall, I get great service from PrintingCenter USA. What would earn you a higher rating is if you followed up with each order with an emailed invoice. I only receive an order confirmation with the cost, but our accounting department will not accept that as an invoice at our company. Further, on a recent order, there was a free shipping promo going on that was not reflected in my order confirmation. I asked if it could be applied--and it was. However, I never got an invoice for the new amount. When it came time to do my expense report, I had to call and chase down a new invoice in order to reconcile to the credit card statement. In today's online purchase management, revised invoices (or even an email with any invoice) is typically emailed. Love your service and the rest, but this reduced you by one star.
2 yr ago
Excellent product and fast turn around! Great service! Thanks!
2 yr ago
I have not seen it yet, but the director was very pleased. Customer service is excellent.
2 yr ago
will continue to use printingcenter for all of my product brochures and flyers...great quality and competitive prices
2 yr ago
I love using The Printing Center USA. The website is very intuitive and even if I make little errors on sizing their system automatically helps out. Fast, reliable and of course great quality work.
2 yr ago
Quality great. Delivery great. Easy to work with.
2 yr ago
Clarity, color & quality are terrific! Timely, well communicated process. Will continue to use your services for my monthly future projects of both booklets & brochures.
3 yr ago
Exactly what I wanted.
3 yr ago
Ordering is a breeze with Printing Center USA. Thanks for a great print!
3 yr ago
Fast service excellent quality
3 yr ago
Great quality, everything followed & delivered as ordered, no surprises or delays
3 yr ago
Great company with Awesome Service!! Have recommended many times to others!!
3 yr ago
As always, great job! Early delivery, and loved the promo!
3 yr ago
Great quality and exactly what I expected. Will be using them for future purchases of brochures.
3 yr ago
It was great working with y'all.
3 yr ago
Very friendly and helpful staff in working through a small technical glitch. Would shop here again.
3 yr ago
Easy to setup and staff was most helpful in making sure my brochure turned out they way we wanted
3 yr ago
3 yr ago
After several calls and emails trying to be sure the alignment was correct on my brochure, it came to me printed incorrectly. And it took a long time to get to me. I understand maybe shipping is taking longer these days but this is for a new listing. Now we are waiting again for the corrected brochures to arrive. The are re-printing and gave me a coupon for my next purrchase but IDK if I will use it if we have to do everything twice and I have houses listed with no good brochures in them. We will see.
3 yr ago
Pleased as always.
3 yr ago
They are great quality! I would highly recommend PrintingCenterUSA
3 yr ago
The front of brochure was very pixelated and blurry. The back looked great.
3 yr ago
Customer service was very helpful and received brochures timely.
3 yr ago
Brochures looked great.
3 yr ago
Friendly, helpful, very knowledgeable staff. Willing to go above and beyond. Our "go to" company for all our printing needs.
3 yr ago
Fast turn around time, great quality.
3 yr ago
I was very pleased with the 50 brochure booklets I had printed. They turned out great! The pricing was reasonable and the free shipping offer was most welcomed. I'm going to have more printed in the near future.
3 yr ago
Always awesome quality and great service!
3 yr ago
PCUSA has been my printer for several years now. I started with them while living in Virginia when I found them on line and saw they were far cheaper than local printing companies in the DC area. I have stayed with them since moving to Kansas and have recommended them to others. They are competent, capable, professional, and a distinct pleasure to work with.
3 yr ago
Wow! Ordered on Tuesday late afternoon, in our office the following Monday. Brochures are perfect! Great pricing and great service!
3 yr ago
The sales and technical team worked with us to ensure the final product was exactly what we needed and their attention to detail was impeccable. The final product results were fantasic! We'll definitely be ordering from them again. Highly recommended!
3 yr ago
Excellent company to work with. Quality product at a fair price and fast turn around. I would highly recommend them for your printing needs.
3 yr ago
I was happily surprised to reach a real person when I called for help during the ordering process. I received very nice help! My brochures were produced quickly and arrived quickly and safely. Periodic emails always gave me updates on the progress. I was very impressed with the quality of my brochures: the paper was very nice, color and text came out beautiful, and the folding was perfect. I will surely use again. Thank you!
4 yr ago
We did a trifold brochure with mailing. Paper quality was excellent! It was heavy, glossy and had an expensive feel to it. Great service and prices. My go to printer.
4 yr ago
This was and easy process and the pricing was great. My brochures were perfect and were wrapped in bundles for easy use.
4 yr ago
Accurate price estimates, quick proof turnaround, and beautiful print job! Very happy with this company.
4 yr ago
Product came through just as expected. Customer service was super helpful too.
4 yr ago
Properly, secured packed.
4 yr ago
We have been using USA Printing for some time and are always so pleased with the ease of submitting something for print, along with the quick turnaround time. We just received our last order and love the quality and color. Delivery is timely as well. Highly recommend them!
4 yr ago
The template made ensuring that my setup was correct super easy. Great quality product and a great price! Impressive customer service.
4 yr ago
Printing Center always does a great job with the products we order. They're fast and super responsive!
4 yr ago
This is my third purchase from this place and they have never let me down. I appreciate their domestic support and quick turnaround for high quality product! After working with customer service, they were able to deliver me high quality brochures. The customer service was fast and prompt. The packaging received was very durable and well wrapped to prevent damage. Overall I highly recommend!
4 yr ago
We used the mailing service from overseas and people have recieved newsletters will order more
4 yr ago
fast order processing. good quality pamphlets
4 yr ago
These folks came through for me again, at the last minute, for an important project. They even swapped in a special paper that I asked for that was not available via the ordering UI. Colors were perfect even though I had to rely on an electronic proof due to my tight timeline. Costs so low I felt bad. Arrived a day earlier than they guaranteed. Great communication/responsiveness.
4 yr ago
Hi quality at a great price. Fast turnaround time. Couldn't ask for anything more in a print company.
4 yr ago
Quality work and a good value. The 100lb paper Tri-fold brochure is very heavy and professional. This order was completed with little or no back-and-forth interaction which I really appreciate.
4 yr ago
Product was very professional. Quick to respond.
4 yr ago
This was the first experience I had with My daughter and I collaborated on the design and she selected them. All I can say is WOW. What a great result. The tri-fold brochure I had them create was 100% top quality that you could possibly imagine. I am opening a new office in San Antonio and their quality products will assure my business success! I will most definitely be back with seasonal updates to my brochure and their many other products as well. I am also pleased to know that is of course, made in America! The quality was amazing, delivery was faster than I expected, and the price was perfect for my budget. I have nothing but praise and highly recommend them.
4 yr ago
Great service. Excellent color. Thanks!
4 yr ago
Easy to use. Great service team.
4 yr ago
Excellent quality print and paper. Fast delivery.
4 yr ago
Excellent quality and speed
4 yr ago
High quality printing. Color translation was very accurate (I took the risk of using primarily RGB files). Our client changed the due date and that required special attention from Melissa. She did GREAT! Everything arrived on schedule. And the welcome letter from your President was very nice. I will definitely use you folks again. Plus I know Great Falls well, having relatives there.
4 yr ago
Very good service and great products.
4 yr ago
My brochures were printed with accurate color, images centered, folds well done, and all in short time. I use Printingcenterusa for all of my printing needs.
4 yr ago
Excellent product and customer service! I couldn’t find better prices either.
4 yr ago
Excellent print quality
4 yr ago
I am so impressed with the quality and the service. The flyers look perfect and arrived sooner than expected. Thanks. LM
4 yr ago
A fantastic company that continually impresses us with every order we place!!!
4 yr ago
Exactly what I was expecting
4 yr ago
This is the first time we've used Printing Center USA for brochure mailings and like our other orders from them, we were very pleased. The quality of the trifold brocures was outstanding. Each items was crisply folded on high quality paper and affixed with 2 circle stickers. It looked great. And it shipped quickly to our clients! If we print locally, do the folding, fasten stamps and stickers and the ten take to the post office ourselves, we only "save" about $40 on a 200-piece mailing. That works out to about $10 an hour "pay". IN 4 hours we can acquire a lot of business!. This is a no-brainer!!!!!!
4 yr ago
VERY happy with the brochures I ordered recently. Mary was incredibly helpful in not only the production end, but in helping me get them where I needed them to be on time. (I had forgotten a holiday weekend in my timing.) A two very enthusiastic thumbs up for PrintingCenterUSA, their products and especially their Customer service! Thank you.