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Notecard Printing

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Rated #1 for best notecard printing services. Print professional quality Christmas, personalized, watercolor, blank, initial, and more notecards in vibrant full color on premium gloss, matte, or uncoated paper delivered to your doorstep as fast as 3 to 4 days from proof approval. Our combination of short-run digital (25 to 500) and bulk offset (500 to 50,000) printing will save you money due to our investment in the latest state-of-the-art printing technology and equipment.
We accept your print-ready PDF files or offer our easy-to-use free online notecard blank templates, and layouts. Satisfaction Guarantee!

Note Card Types

What Weight of Paper is Best for Notecards?

Most Popular / Recommended Paper:

12pt C1S (Coated 1 Sheet) is .012" thick and has a shining coated gloss finish on the front with no coating on the back. The uncoated finish on the back of this stock is perfect for writing as the ink dries quickly so you don’t have to worry about smudging. This is our recommended choice for note cards!

Other Paper Options:

9pt Matte Cover is a .009" thick with a slight coating giving it a low gloss finish. It’s perfect for note card designs that depend upon high quality color reproduction.

10pt Gloss Cover is .0095" thick and has a shiny smooth coated gloss finish making it perfect for full color printing. Images on your note cards catch attention with deep and interesting colors.

12pt Gloss Cover is .012" thick and has polished coated gloss finish. It has similar attributes to 10pt Gloss Cover, but is slightly thicker giving it more durability.

12pt Matte Cover is a .012” thick and has a low gloss finish. Ideal for any note card that uses a lot of typed copy, as it is easy to read and has no glare.

14pt Gloss Cover is .014” thick is the sturdiest choice for a note card. It uses a glassy coated gloss finish making it great with full color printing. Note cards will stand out and grab attention with this paper option.

Page Count

We require that any multi-page PDF files be sent as single page images, not spreads. In the files, page 1 should be the front cover and the last page should be the back cover (see left). Learn More

We require that any multi-page PDF files be sent as single page images, not spreads. In the files, page 1 should be the front cover and the last page should be the back cover (see left). Learn More

Page Count


Save your PDF in CMYK. Learn More

Color for Printed Books


PrintingCenterUSA recommends that the resolution of your images and document be 300 dpi or more. Learn More

Image Resolution


Bleed is an extra 1/8” of image that extends beyond the trim area of your printed piece. The project is printed on an oversized sheet that is cut down to size with the appearance that the image is “bleeding” off the edge of the paper. Learn More

Bleed for Printing

How Big is a Notecard?

Our notecards are the standard size of 4.25” x 5.5” when folded and 8.5” x 5.5” when opened. If you would like to get an instant quote for your notecard order, enter your job specifications into our pricing tool above.

What is a Notecard?

A notecard is a small, folded card; perfect for a quick and simple way to contact your prospects or customers. But don’t stop there! Notecards are also great to have on hand for other uses in your business like including in packages with a purchase. Include a special discount or mention an upcoming sale or event. The size of the notecard is also perfect for slipping into a sales packet.

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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Notecard Printed?

You can get 500 copies of a 4.25 x 5.5 notecards on 14PT Gloss Cover , Full Color, (4/4) printed and delivered to your doorstep in 3 business days with our Wait & Save Production Time option for only ( each) or 2500 copies for only ( each) plus shipping and handling at Get an instant price on our cost calculator.

Size/Qty 250 500 1000 2500 5000
14PT Gloss
$0.37 each
$92.64 total
$0.24 each
$121.65 total
$0.24 each
$236.88 total
$0.19 each
$467.62 total
$0.12 each
$616.21 total
12PT Matte

$0.37 each
$91.28 total
$0.24 each
$118.93 total
$0.23 each
$231.44 total
$0.18 each
$454.03 total
$0.12 each
$588.52 total
12 PT C1S
(Coated 1 Side)
$0.37 each
$93.64 total
$0.25 each
$123.65 total
$0.19 each
$477.61 total
$0.24 each
$240.87 total
$0.13 each
$636.55 total

• These are examples of our everyday competitive prices.

*Prices are subject to change/shipping NOT included. Learn More

How to Print a Notecard in 7 Easy & Affordable Steps

Gather all of your Notecard project's content and images.
Place and format your content and images in an Adobe Suite Program (InDesign or Illustrator) OR: Use our free downloadable templates to create your notecards.
Enter your Paper Stock, Total Versions / Lots, Quantity per Version, Ink Color, Proof, Finish, Folding, and Production Time to get an Instant Quote.
Upload your print-ready PDF.
We will then run your files through our 43-point checklist and send you a PDF proof for you to approve or reject.
When approved, we will schedule and print your notecards.
Your notecards will be mailed or delivered to your doorstep as promised for you to enjoy and distribute.

Independent Customer Reviews

Note card

Rated4.8out of 5
Based on 14 reviews
Art Blecher
1 Year ago
Print Center USA was great to work with as far as formatting and submitting my work. Their website provided very helpful instructions and useful on-line formatting tools. The production turn-around was prompt and the order produced and shipped correctly. Unfortunately, their bookkeeping and customer communication is poor. They sent me an invoice showing the full balance due even though the amount had already been paid in full when the order was submitted. I sent an email to the accounting department and then called customer service, but still no response after more than 10 days.
1 Year ago
Excellent service and very high-quality product.
1 Year ago
I had been throwing around the idea of making notecards from some of my photos but did not know where to begin. Printing Center USA made it quite easy! I am extremely happy with the quality and turn around time. My second order has been submitted and there will be more to follow!
2 Years ago
The notecards came out just like I wanted them to. Everything in the process was clear and easy to understand. Receiving my order was faster than expected. Highly recommend!
2 Years ago
As always Printing Center USA cam through with a beautiful product. Great support, questions always answered quickly, fast production time. Can't find a fault here.
2 Years ago
I've been really pleased with the note cards that I've been purchasing. The quality is outstanding I feel like I can give others great product because of this.
2 Years ago
I've received my second order of note cards and was happy to find the quality and speed to be consistent with my previous order. Great customer service as well, keeping me informed every step of the way!
2 Years ago
I was sad when my local print shop went out of business, but PrintingCenter USA did a terrific job on my note cards at a great price! I definitely recommend their services.
3 Years ago
Excellent work, excellent customer service, very reasonable prices.
3 Years ago
The post cards looked great after a lot of communication back and forth. Your website template is easy to download, however there were no further instructions on how to insert your picture after the download. I tried using photo shop and was wrong several times along with using Adobe Acrobat. Every time I tried to insert a picture your people declined it because it wasn't right. The template would insert all of your information along with mine. Better instructions would be very helpful. My website designer person even came and inserted the picture and again it was wrong. It took several attempts to get it right. When I finally was able to get it to work, I was sent an email with a comment about making sure my order was print ready next time. I thought I was sending it print ready several times and your people were not much help with the setup. I doubt I will use Printing USA again. Even though your prices are reasonable. I think I will just use Vista Print.
3 Years ago
Quick, professional and affordable quality. Can't find a reason not to be a long-term customer.
Lexey Moore
3 Years ago
Great quality and fast delivery! Most affordable too! Love this company for all our printing needs!
4 Years ago
Ordered custom note cards from Print Center USA. We communicated with them several times via phone and email. They made every effort to ensure that the cards received were what we needed. We were very pleased with both the service and the cards. We will definitely use Print Center USA again.
5 Years ago
The templates make accurate orders easier. I was confused by what two-sided meant. I thought the front and back of a card were two sides. An phone call and email were done to confirm my intentions. Everything looks great and shipped quickly. It would be nice to have some way to estimate approximate shipping costs before you get all the way to the end. I will be ordering again. I am happy with the process.