Printing Cheap, High-Quality Postcards Online

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Printing cheap postcards and mailing them to your audience is a great way to prospect, inform and send an invitation for schools, health and wellness, business, non-profits and more. Full color direct mail postcards are affordable, fast and easy and effective. Our online services for postcard printing include online print marketing ideas and examples, samples, templates, online designers and our online design tool with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Making Postcard Printing Affordable

If you’re a business who’s trying to reach a wide audience without breaking your marketing budget, printing postcards can be an effective promotional platform. Postcards have relatively low production costs, and are generally viewed positively by consumers. Here at PrintingCenterUSA, we offer many different postcard sizes, paper types and color options, as you can see from the image on the right.

Organizations can make postcards even less expensive by making a few adjustments to their campaigns. The best solution is to print postcards in bulk. The more postcards you print at once, the less each one will cost. Additionally, postcards are relatively small, so businesses don’t have to worry about losing storage space holding extras until the next campaign.


Ways to Use Postcards in Your Marketing Campaign

Mailing Your Postcards

Not only do we print your postcards – we can mail them for you as well! Our expert mailing staff CASS certifies, NCOA verifies and sends the postcards directly to the people on your mailing list. This decreases postage costs and increases your deliverability rate. Add mailing instantly to your postcard printing service order today or call to find out more.

Be aware that when you are designing your postcards, even though we can take care of your custom postcard printing, the post office might charge you more for your creativity. If you are in the process of designing a custom printed postcard, give us a call at 800.995.1555 to ensure that you will qualify for the best mailing rates. We can give you some pointers to keep it within the size and weight guidelines.


Cheap postcard printing works to drive traffic to your store, website or event. Our postcard printing company offers both short run digital postcard printing and full color offset printing. Please give us a call at 800-995-1555 and let us help you get started with your cheap postcard printing or get started designing your own below.



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