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Ultimate Guide for Custom Calendars: 2024 Edition

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Looking for a new way to spruce up your company’s marketing? Look no further! A custom calendar with your brand’s image can offer great exposure and name recognition all year round.

Not only that – personalized calendars also make great gifts for your friends, family, and clients.

Custom online calendar printing allows you to effortlessly create eye-catching calendar designs and mark special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and events.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional wall calendar or a promotional desk display, custom calendar printing enables you to produce a 2024 calendar that your clients and friends will adore.

Here at Printing Center USA, we offer professional custom calendar printing services that won’t break the bank. With a range of glosses, bindings, and layouts to choose from, you’ll have a custom wall calendar at a reasonable price delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Printing a custom calendar online in 2024 has never been easier for us. Our high-quality printing services allow you to upload your own completed designs and images, utilize helpful templates, and configure calendar grids to bring your creations to life!

While we may not be able to make your schedule any less hectic, we can make it far more visually appealing for you and your team.

Keep reading to discover what types of calendars exist, binding types, examples, and must-know tips when printing your custom calendars online.

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Types of Custom Calendars for 2024

There are three major types of custom calendars that can be printed. Consider what calendar design will look best on your walls, desks, and tables.

Families can benefit from a large wall calendar to display everyone’s commitments, while remote workers can’t do without a desk calendar.

Wall calendars personalized with 12 of your best photographs, or special symbols for birthdays and other key dates make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

Companies and businesses can benefit from ordering desk or wall calendars in promotional or organizational campaigns to boost brand awareness and visibility.

A good rule of thumb is to consider where the recipients of your calendars will be displaying their calendars. Think about how much wall or table space they have available to display the product. This will ensure your calendars are useful, productive, and stay up all year long.

1. Custom Wall Calendars

Order a personalized wall calendar to be printed with either 28 or 36 pages. The calendar sizes that are offered are 11 x 8.5, 8.5 x 5.5, or 12 x 12 with a 5mm drill hole for wall hanging.

There is a range of paper types and binding options. Select either high gloss or matte paper, each available in full color. Binding choices include saddle stitching, spiral binding, or wire-o binding.

2. Personalized Desk Calendars

Desk calendars can be printed in both 12-month/28 pages and 16-month/36 pages. Select between landscape 8.5 x 5.5 or 10 x 4.5 sizing as well as spiral or wire-o binding options.

Our desk calendar printing services offer free-standing pop-up bases for convenient desk viewing, which make for excellent business marketing tools.

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3. Wall Calendars

The simplest method to increase recognition is to place a photo with your name, logo, and branding right in front of your customer with a high-quality wall calendar. These calendars work great for high-traffic spaces where space is limited.

As a token of appreciation, send your customers, sponsors, or clients full-color wall calendars. The sizes of our most widely used and cost-effective calendars are 11 x 17, 12 x 18, 16 x 20, 17 x 22, and 18 x 24.

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Calendar Binding Types

Choosing the right binding type for your calendar designs is crucial to ensure the functionality and physical integrity of your end products.

To do this, it’s a good idea to gauge what the general purpose of each binding type is, what benefits they offer, and how they are made so you can make the right decision!

1. Saddle Stitched 2024 Calendars

Saddle-stitched calendars, simply put, are folded and stapled together. Since saddle stitch binding is the cheapest, easiest, and most professional option, we can pass the savings on to you.

The turnaround time is also very quick. Saddle stitching is the standard binding method and looks great for any type of custom calendar.

Saddle stitching involves a simple process with single sheets of paper. These pages are printed on both sides, collated into a page number order, and folded in half.

Once folded, the pages are then stapled through the fold with thin wire staples and securing the sheets together. Lastly, the edges are trimmed to the desired finished size.

Saddle stitching is a great option for wall calendars. This is because they can lay flat on the wall, making it easier for viewers to read.

2. Wire-O Bound 2024 Calendars

In many ways, wire-o binding is very similar to spiral binding. With its looped metal wire, wire-o binding brings a sense of high professionalism to your calendar designs.

The process of wire-o includes single sheets of paper that are printed on both sides, cut down to trim size, and collated into the page number order. Next, a metal coil loop passes through a row of punched holes at the edge of the printed piece.

Wire-o binding is a good option for custom calendars that are intended for more formal settings, like presentations or meetings. Standard wire-o binding colors are offered in black for a sleek appearance.

3. Spiral-Bound 2024 Calendars

Spiral-bound calendars utilize a durable plastic coil that will work excellently if your calendars need to be transported or used frequently. Turning the pages is effortless, as they can be folded or wrapped back on themselves in a 360-degree movement without causing any tearing or ripping.

Single sheets of double-sided printed paper are cut down to trim size and collated into page order, just like wire-o binding.

The main difference in spiral binding for custom calendars is that a plastic coil is threaded through the row of punched holes at the edge of the printed piece. Both wire-o and spiral binding options work great for any custom desk calendar given their portability and range of movement.

Everything you Need to Know About Custom Calendar Printing in 2024

With all the information at your fingertips, keep reading below to uncover all the major points to understand about custom calendar printing online in 2024.

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How Can I Make My Own Calendar?

Here at PrintingCenterUSA, we can take your calendar from concept to completion! We’ve worked with and assisted a variety of corporations, non-profits, religious organizations, schools, and educational institutions in designing, mailing, and printing personalized calendars.

What is the Best Custom Calendar Creation software?

Printing Center USA offers templates for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and PDF. We recommend using these programs to make your stunning calendar.

Don’t worry if you don’t have these design software programs! We also offer a free design tool that allows you to build a calendar directly from our website. You’ll get a great product no matter how you design your calendar with PrintingCenterUSA.

What is the Cost of Printing a Custom Calendar?

Printing Center USA offers cheap custom calendar printing, no matter how many you want or what you’re after!

Check out our price calculator for the most up-to-date quotes and promos, but in general, our calendars can range from $10 and $30 for short-run calendars, and less than $1 for bulk calendar purchases.

Remember that the more copies you order, the lower the price per calendar!

How Do I Make a Calendar Using my Own Images?

You can quickly and easily build your own custom calendar by uploading your own photos to our free online design tool. Just make sure that your images have a DPI of 300 or higher so that they print beautifully clear!

What is Included in the Custom Calendar Design Templates?

Each template download includes a page for marking significant events, as well as a notes page and a year-at-a-glance page.

Additional filler pages are available to help you meet your design and page requirements. These pages are great for a year-in-review, notes, a goal statement, or whatever else you see fit.

Can I Change the Calendar Grids?

The excellent detail about our custom calendar printing is that you may choose the dates that are most convenient for you! If you want to make a calendar for the school year, go right ahead!

You also have the option of combining the years for ease of use of reading once printed.

The grid is an excellent place to record family and friends’ birthdays, scheduled gatherings, and more! Add important dates so you don’t forget them later.

You can change and add to the calendar templates as much as you want. There are no extra charges for advertising, multiple photos, or customizing the calendar grid colors.

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Ideas & Examples of Custom Calendar Printings

Calendars can be used for a wide variety of events, groups, and incentives. They are effective marketing tools to raise brand awareness for charities, businesses, schools, and entrepreneurs across the world.

Personalized calendars also make stunning gifts for loved ones on Christmas, New Year celebrations, anniversaries, and more.

Different groups can make use of the calendar ideas we offer here at Printing Center USA. This includes charitable organizations, educational institutions, schools, PTA, community organizations, humane societies, animal organizations, religious or church groups, sports teams, fire departments, police departments, and more.

There is no right or wrong to how you design your custom calendar – so get creative! Have fun crafting your personalized calendars and use the photos for your most recent family vacation, finest landscape shots, or your company’s most powerful slogans.

Sometimes, all it takes is an idea to spark our imagination. Below we have compiled a list of custom calendar printing examples that will suit any occasion or organization. These ideas will help guide you on how to get the most out of your calendar printing project.

Fundraising & Nonprofit Custom Calendars

Looking to increase your organization’s financial efforts? We’ve got you covered! Fundraising calendars are an effective method for generating revenue for your company. With few startup costs and limitless profit potential, you only need a few photographs and committed people in your team to launch this initiative.

Fundraising custom calendars are very popular as they are an effective way of gathering donations. Use our fundraising templates to add local sponsors to your calendar and raise money fast!

Our mission at Printing Center USA, is to offer helpful guidance on creating custom fundraising calendars for your school or nonprofit organization. Doing so will increase the group’s financial resources and expand its capacity to carry out its mission.

There are a lot of organizations that have had a lot of luck getting contributors to fund the costs of their custom calendar printing before they go to press. Having sponsors commit to supporting the calendar project in advance will help your school or organization earn more money from calendar sales.

Education Custom Calendars

Education calendars are fantastic tools for a class project. Students, parents, and teachers can mark upcoming events and monitor progress with helpful visual layouts to keep everyone engaged all year round.

Build awareness for your institution or organization throughout the year with a tailored school activities calendar. Use your school colors, mascot/logo, and any other personal touches to create a unique and memorable design.

Religious Custom Calendars

Demonstrate your faith with a religious calendar and mark important religious holidays and quotes. These make perfect gifts for churches, memorial services, and faith-based organizations.

With customizable templates, you can create personalized calendars for any religion. Include your favorite bible verses, monuments of worship, and important dates to bring joy all year round to you and your loved ones.

Art calendars 2024

Art-Based Custom Calendars

Art calendars can easily put your work in front of the right people while making great gifts for family and friends. Arrange your artworks into the specified calendar size to enjoy both fun and functionality all year long!

Photography calendars are also a fantastic way to showcase your best 12 photos of the year into a 12-month calendar. Photographers can also drive sales while displaying their designs. Setting each calendar price to $15-30 is a great way to maximize the impact of your work.

Business Custom Calendars

Turn a business portfolio into a calendar and keep your business top of mind all year round. While you’re at it, order a few promotional calendars for your customers and clients. These work great on their desk and can be personalized for any or all occasions.

Create a unique wall or desk calendar with your company’s logo and contact information on it. These are useful both as office decorations and as presents for clients and customers.

Contact Printing Center USA today for Custom Calendar Printing Services!

Now that you’ve read through our custom calendar printing guide for 2024, get in touch with Printing Center USA to book your calendar!

PrintingCenterUSA specializes in providing high-quality print production at an affordable price, all while offering excellent customer service and support.

We can spearhead your custom calendar printing ideas from concept to completion! We have designed, sent, and printed unique calendars for a variety of corporations, non-profits, religious organizations, schools, and educational institutions.

We can help you get the most out of your next project. Whether you’re after bulk custom calendar printing, spiral or saddle binding, or a specific fundraising template  – we can do it all here at PrintingCenterUSA! We are ready to see your designs and ideas come to life, so get in touch with our expert team today!

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