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Layout Ideas to Help You with Your Rack Cards

For certain industries, such as travel and tourism, rack card printing can be an extremely effective strategy to generate awareness for your products and services.

Rack cards are often put on display at restaurants, information centers and doctor offices and can be similar to brochures in a number of ways. The best way to use them is to drive traffic to either your organization's website or physical location, depending on what industry you serve.

Rack Cards are Successful for Marketing,
Educating and Gaining Awareness.

As is the case with any visual medium, having a visually appealing design is absolutely critical. If you're printing your rack cards for the first time, you may want to consult the examples below. These are rack cards that we've made for some of our other clients, and may serve to provide inspiration for your own rack card printing project.

Printing Center USA is an expert in the field of rack card printing. Check out our website to get an instant quote on a rack card printing project, or if you want a custom design, call us and we can provide you with a specific quote. We offer a number of rack card printing services at affordable prices, making rack card printing an easy choice when it comes to generating exposure.

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We have organized a team of professional graphic designers to help our customers with their design needs. We make the design process easy and hastle free!

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Let PrintingCenterUSA Take Your Booklet from Concept to Finished Product

We have worked with and helped a number of businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, schools and education to design, mail & print rack cards. Below are ideas, case studies and examples to help you take your rack card from concept to finished product.

Design Tips for Better Rack Card Marketing

Know your audience and cater your information to them in your rack card designs. The right look and information is just as important as quality printing for your rack cards. When you are designing your rack card be sure to study your audience first. Here are a few examples of what to know about your customers/prospects and consider when designing your rack cards and all of your print marketing pieces.

How do you get this information? Research, study your current customers behavior, analyze past purchases and listen to comments from anyone that will give you feedback. You don’t have to know everything for effective rack card marketing, just use what you know and keep trying new ideas.

Where to include Rack Cards In Your Marketing

Rack cards aren’t just for tourism counter tops and stands. There are many places rack cards work perfectly in your print marketing mix. The thicker stock makes rack cards more durable and easier to travel with, for tradeshows, sales packets and inserting in with a purchase.

Personalized Rack Card Printing

If you are printing small quantities of digitally printed rack cards add variable data printing to your order for personalized rack card printing. Digitally printed rack cards have the same great quality, and you can personalize your marketing. Include names, last order date, customized maps from different areas to your store direction. Incorporate QR codes into your design to allow customers to link directly to your website via your printed rack cards. Call to get your personalized rack card printing started today or to find out more.