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Wire-O Binding

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PrintingCenterUSA is your #1 rated wire-o book printing in the USA. Print custom wire o bound manuals, calendars, reports, presentation booklets, and more in full-color or black and white on premium quality paper delivered to your doorstep as fast as 3-4 days from proof approval. We accept your print-ready PDF files. Satisfaction Guarantee!
Wire binding accommodates a more formal use with an organized and professional look. It uses a black metal wire and offers a lower page count than spiral binding. Great for workbooks, annual reports, instructional books and more!

Spiral Types

Wire-O binding

Wire-O Bound Book printing
Wire-O binding is for a more formal use and offers a more professional look than a spiral bound book. A wire-o bound book uses a metal wire. Unlike a perfect bound or saddle-stitched book, the open wire-o bound book will lie flat (180 degrees) for easy reference or they can fold or wrap back around themselves (360 degree) making it easier to handle and lays flat for easy reading while taking up minimal room on a desk or table.
Wire-o binding is an excellent style of binding commonly used for businesses to create professional-looking lay flat documents such as business reports, documents, calendars and other book types. Wire-o binding calendars are one of our most popular products. The pages flip easily and hang flat against the wall. Wall calendars are great for non-profit fundraising programs, promoting business and photography.
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File Specifications

Our Most Popular Paper Options are

paper thickness

Coating Options

Gloss paper has a shiny and lustrous smooth coated gloss finish. Excellent for making full color printing appear more vibrant.

Matte paper is a dull coated sheet that exhibits low gloss finish. Paper has minimal glare, making it easier to read text.

Uncoated paper is easy to write on and should be used in projects such as a workbook or coloring book.


Need Design Help?

Wire-O Bound book printing may be used for a variety of purposes, such as self-publishing your own Manuals, Reports, Employee Handbooks, Educational Workbooks, Handbooks, and more. Wire-O Bound Books are particularly useful for when you need to make a professional impression for a business presentation.

WireO Manual

Manual Book Printing

Create a manual on any topic: owners, drivers, real estate, training, product, service, user manuals and so many more possibilities.

WireO Cookbook

Cookbook Printing

Print a custom cookbook fast and easy. Print each recipe book with vibrant color photos illustrating your delicious masterpiece.

WireO AnnualReport

Annual Report Book Printing

Stay organized with annual report book printing. We print custom compelling business report, multiple binding

WireO Directory

Directory Book Printing

Organize and publish information in a membership, school, church, phone, zip code directory and more.

WireO Handbook

Handbook Printing

Compile instructions, facts, procedures and policies to communicate information, expectations and a corporation’s or organization’s culture.

WireO Workbook

Workbook Printing

Compile instructions, facts, procedures and policies to communicate information, expectations and a corporation’s or organization’s culture.

WireO Guide

Guide Book Printing

Create custom real estate guides, professionally market properties and reach new buyers with our premium image printing. Create layouts you can use over and over.

WireO BusinessBook

Business Book Printing

Get ahead in your industry with professionally published business books.

Let PrintingCenterUSA take your Wire-O Bound project from concept to finished product! We have worked with and helped a number customers design, mail, and print. Below are ideas, case studies, and examples from real customers to help you get the most out of your next project!


Wire-O products are professional-looking bound books that are great for writing in, giving presentations, or impressing clients. Wire-O products are able to lie flat (180 degrees) and the pages are able to flip all the way around themselves (360 degrees). We have the perfect Wire-O products for your business reports, directories, calendars, or manuals!

Page Count

We require that any multi-page PDF files be sent as single page images, not spreads. In the files, page 1 should be the front cover and the last page should be the back cover (see left). Learn More

We require that any multi-page PDF files be sent as single page images, not spreads. In the files, page 1 should be the front cover and the last page should be the back cover (see left). Learn More

Page Count


Save your PDF in CMYK. Learn More

Color for Printed Books


PrintingCenterUSA recommends that the resolution of your images and document be 300 dpi or more. Learn More

Image Resolution


Bleed is an extra 1/8” of image that extends beyond the trim area of your printed piece. The project is printed on an oversized sheet that is cut down to size with the appearance that the image is “bleeding” off the edge of the paper. Learn More

Bleed for Printing

How Many Pages Can Be Wire-O Bound?

We can print Wire-O bound materials that are 8 - 800 pages (or up to 2 inches thick) and we require them to be in 2-page increments.

How to Arrange Pages for Wire-O Binding?

PrintingCenterUSA requires that your pdf is uploaded in single facing pages in consecutive order. This includes the front cover, inside front cover, all inside pages, inside back cover, and back cover. For more information on how to arrange your pages for printing, see our blog post.

Pages page order numbers switch

What is the Difference Between Spiral and Wire-O?

Spiral Bound Books are usually used for projects that need to be used as daily reference. This is because the plastic coil is durable and allows for the pages to be turned 360 degrees around on themselves. The thick coil is less professional looking than wire-o binding.
Wire-O Bound books are used for more formal, organized, and professional presentations of information. Similarly, to spiral binding, the pages can be turned 360 degrees around on themselves without damaging the spine. However, wire-o is less durable than spiral binding. For more information on the difference between Spiral and Wire-O binding, see our blog post.

Can Wire-O Lay Flat?

Yes! Spiral Bound, Wire-O, and Saddle Stitch bindings allow for their products to lie flat. However, only Spiral and Wire-O are able to fold or wrap around themselves (360 degrees).

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6 months ago
I had originally ordered one copy of this book from the publisher and the way I received it was amazing but I couldn’t get any more so they sent me an electronica version which I sent Out to printing Center USA. I discussed what I thought the paperweights were with customer service they felt that they were something different and they described it to the best of their knowledge and I was really nervous but I went for it when my books arrived they were amazing they were exactly like the one that I had originally ordered without having seen the original product they were able to talk me through the correct finish the correct wait for covers for inside I just can’t believe it was a 100% replication. The quality was beautiful everything is amazing I will use them again