Getting Better Prices Than Kinkos: Calendar Edition


When it comes to printing, most people turn to what is familiar – their local Kinkos®, now called FedEx Office®. And when they search online, they are trying to find out some specific information on how much their printing needs will cost. But have you ever wondered why Kinkos® is SO expensive if you want more than one copy of that flyer your boss needs? This article helps you understand why they are so pricey and how you can save money on your printing needs!

What are Kinkos® Printing Prices?  

Before we jump into pricing, have you decided which product you need printed? September through December is calendar season for us! We are right in the middle of the time where everyone and their mom is looking to print their 2017 calendars. So for arguments sake, we want to show you our Calendars prices vs FedEx Office®, so you can really understand their pricing.

We went online and found their calendar order page. They don’t have a pricing tool where you can customize your calendar, but instead just have a list of prices that compares whether or not you want to add color to your calendar grid. As you can see, ordering any amount of calendars is NOT worth your while. These prices are ridiculous, and border into crazy.



< Now take a look at our unique pricing tool. It is customizable and you can see the price differences on each choice you make. It also gives you shipping charges and shows you how much you save if you choose to wait a couple extra days for your order. Just by looking at these differences, our prices are dramatically lower. It comes out to about $4 per calendar.* When it comes to calendar ordering, we have got you covered. Not only do we have great prices, but we have a FREE calendar design tool and loads of FREE templates to get you started. Or if you already have your calendar ready, just start your order and easily upload your files.


Why are Kinkos® Prices So Expensive?

The reason FedEx Office® is so expensive is because instead of existing as a trusted online printing company with a single location like us, they have about 2,000 locations nationwide. So basically, you pay extra to keep all those stores in business. You pay to stock those stores, you pay the staff, and you pay for all the equipment to keep each and every store running.

Why not choose the #1 Rated Printing Company for your printing needs? Our single location means we have access to getting you the lowest price because we don’t overcharge you for operating costs.

We have hundreds and hundreds of great reviews from our loyal customers, and we want to give you a great experience too!




Don’t Overpay, Order With Us Today!

Let us prove to you why our slogan is Fast, Easy and Affordable. Contact us today on our website, or call us at 800.995.1555 for a custom quote. If you aren’t quite sure what you need, order a free sample packet of all our products so you can view all our high quality products. We also have online design tools and FREE templates to help you get started!

*Note: Our calendar prices DO change throughout the year. This pricing is accurate for the time this article was posted. 

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