Dance Recital Program Showcase

Bringing Dance to Life Through Print: The DanceAspen Program

Our Customer Showcase series highlights the incredible projects we bring to life at PrintingCenterUSA. Today, we’re thrilled to share our partnership with the acclaimed DanceAspen company for their recent ‘Limitless’ production at the historic Wheeler Opera House. The DanceAspen program booklet was a testament to the power of print, and we were honored to play a role in their performance’s success.

DanceAspen’s ‘Limitless’ performance pushed the boundaries of dance, captivating audiences at the historic Wheeler Opera House. We were thrilled to play a part in this artistic success, collaborating with DanceAspen to create a program booklet that mirrored the elegance and energy of their production.

Aspen’s dance community knows that DanceAspen consistently delivers high-caliber performances. ‘Limitless’ at the Wheeler Opera House was no exception.

DanceAspen Program

DanceAspen’s program booklet was more than just a guide; it was a keepsake for their dedicated audience. From the elegant cover design to the detailed dancer biographies and performance notes, we ensured every page exuded artistic elegance. The booklet was printed on 100# gloss text to create a tactile experience that would help preserve the memory of this performance for years to come.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Performance

DanceAspen Program

DanceAspen’s program booklet wasn’t merely a guide, but a true keepsake of the event. Inside, audiences found a vibrant mix of elements: stunning photos capturing the dancers’ artistry, engaging advertisements from local supporters, insightful biographies of the dancers and director, a heartfelt thank you to donors, and a detailed performance guide. These elements seamlessly combined to enhance the audience’s connection to the performance and the community that made it possible.

The Vision at Dance Aspen is for the city of Aspen and the greater Roaring Fork Community to have a thriving resident dance company that cultivates relationships among local artists and other arts organizations through the dedication and collaboration of high caliber performing arts. Learn more about DanceAspen here.

DanceAspen’s ‘Limitless’ was highlighted in this Aspen Times article with truly captivating photos. Their vibrant energy and meticulous artistry matched perfectly with our printing expertise.

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