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January 2024 Social Media Content Ideas & Important Dates

Are you looking for some inspiration for your January Social Media Content as we step into the new year?

We’ve put together a list of 10 ideas to pair with enjoyable holidays to spice up your social media strategy. Almost every day presents a special occasion to celebrate and connect with your audience.

National Trivia day : January 4th

National Trivia Day- January Social Media Content

Trivia Contest: Kick off your January social media content with a fun-filled trivia contest. Host a live trivia session on Facebook or Instagram. Encourage participation by announcing it ahead of time and possibly offering prizes for winners or opt for a fun & engaging trivia quiz related to your niche. Post it and encourage your audience to participate.

Fun Fact: Use National Trivia Day to kickstart a series where you share trivia related to your industry regularly.

January 13th : National Vision Board Day

Share Your Vision Board: Create a vision board that reflects your goals for the year and share a photo or video of it. This could be personal goals, business targets, travel dreams, or educational aspirations.

Inspirational Quotes: Share motivational quotes or personal mantras that align with your vision board
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National Vision Board- January Social Media Content

January 18th: Get to Know Your Customers Day

Get to know your customers day- January Social Media Content

Use this day as a unique opportunity to deepen customer relationships and enrich your January social media content

Customer Collaboration Projects: Announce a collaboration where customers can contribute ideas or work on a project together with your team. This could be a community initiative, a new product idea, or content creation

Customer Content Campaign: Invite customers to share content using your product or service in their daily life. This could be photos, videos, or stories showing how they use and benefit from what you offer.

January 27th: National Fun at Work Day

Workplace Games and Challenges: Post about any games or challenges happening in the office. This could include team-building activities, puzzles, or friendly competitions.

National Fun at Work day- January Social Media Content

Why Holidays?

I’m sure you have noticed that most social media content ideas always include social media holidays. This is intentional. Holiday posts not only increase your social media engagement but they’re also easy posts to create that fill your followers with positive emotions.

When sharing a holiday post, make sure to always include an image or video, no matter what platform you’re using. According to LinkedIN, posts with an image has 650% more engagements than a text only post.

Even though this is a easy post, your content can’t be all holiday posts.

2023 Wrap Up

Create a video or post outlining all the exciting milestones you hit for your business over the last year, any wins you want to share, and a thank you to your customers for being there with you. This is a prime opportunity for you to post about your business while making sure your customers feel appreciated.

Include a call to action so customers can comment their favorite memory or experience with your business from the past year.

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Blooper Video Compilation

All social media content creators have started video projects that have gone no where or kept many clips that didn’t make it to the final run. For some reason, we save a lot of them. Why not use them? Create a blooper compilation of all the takes that weren’t used.

This is a fun way to show behind the scenes and any funny unscripted moments.

January Social Media Content

Each month in 2024, we’re rolling out new ideas for your Social Media Content. Every blog featuring imaginative approaches, ensuring your social media campaigns stay vibrant and impactful throughout the year.

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New year also means new marketing strategies, head over to our January 2024 Marketing Content Calendar to discover strategies and tips to make your brand shine in the new year.

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