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Random Deep Feelings: A Journey into the Soul with Leo Mendez

Artists possess a unique gift – they translate the world around them into tangible expressions of emotion and experience. Leo Mendez is an artist who embodies this creative spirit in his deeply personal new book, “Random Deep Feelings.” This printed collection of writings and images celebrates those fleeting moments of inspiration and underscores the endless journey of artistic exploration. After two decades of gathering his work, Leo recently collaborated with PrintingCenterUSA to bring his extraordinary vision to life.

The Artist’s Journey

Leo Mendez is an architect, designer, photographer, writer, and above all, a dreamer. His printed book is a testament to his relentless creative exploration, a celebration of those moments in life that spark inspiration. Driven by a desire “To see it, capture it. To feel it, harness it. Then let it be shared,” Leo’s work invites us to experience the world through his unique lens.

Now, let’s explore the story behind the artist and his creative process behind the vision.

Random Deep Feelings Leo Mendez

Deep Dive Into Leo Mendez’s Creative Process

Random Deep Feelings by Leo Mendez is a culmination of years spent capturing the essence of life’s experiences. The title perfectly encapsulates the book’s content: a beautiful blend of “random,” referring to the arbitrary snippets of writing collected over time, and “deep,” encompassing introspective thoughts and philosophical musings. But the heart of the book lies in the section aptly named “Feelings,” where emotions and relationships take center stage.

Here, Leo masterfully employs a unique visual strategy. He bathes the entire book in black and white, creating a neutral space for the words to resonate with readers on their own merit. This purposeful lack of color allows the reader to interpret the text without external influence. However, in the “Feelings” section, a splash of color emerges. Leo strategically injects images with even a hint of red, the color of passion and raw emotion, into the black and white landscape. This shift in color palette signifies a deeper connection – the images are no longer mere illustrations, but symbolic partners to the written word, enhancing the emotional weight of the content within the “Feelings” section.

The origin of this captivating book lies not in a premeditated plan, but in the accumulation of life’s moments. Leo describes his writing process as “random,” collecting snippets of thought and inspiration over the years. His travels and the ubiquitous presence of smartphones presented him with a constant opportunity to capture fleeting moments – experiences that, as he says, “you never get back.” These captured moments, now a vast collection showcased on his Instagram, served as a visual wellspring for the book. Each image paired with the text is meticulously chosen, imbued with a specific symbolism that intertwines with the written content. This deliberate visual-textual connection elevates the reader’s experience, transforming “Random Deep Feelings” into a rich tapestry of emotions, memories, and introspective observations.

Random Deep Feelings Leo Mendez

Bringing the Book to Life

When Leo was ready to bring his decades-long work to fruition, he reached out to me on LinkedIn, ready to turn his passion project into reality. A friend had recommended PrintingCenterUSA to him for book printing, and I was thrilled to be the one to collaborate with him on bringing his artistic vision to life.

Our collaboration began by working on his cover and spine layout in Adobe InDesign. It was an essential process in ensuring the essence of his work – a beautiful blend of writings and images capturing life’s moments – translated flawlessly into the printed format.

One of the best parts of working with Leo was definitely using PrintingCenterUSA’s free file review tool together. We uploaded the cover spread and his interior pages, and in just a few clicks – it transformed everything into a dynamic, animated flipbook right on the screen. It was incredible to see his book come to life digitally, especially considering the unique layout he envisioned.

Here’s the thing – Leo’s book has a beautiful balance of text and images, with some strategic blank pages throughout. This tool was instrumental in making sure everything landed perfectly. We could zoom in, flip through the pages, and see exactly how the book would feel in someone’s hands. Most importantly, it ensured his images were consistently placed on the left-hand pages, with the text facing them on the right, just like he planned.

As a fellow designer, I use this tool constantly. It’s great for checking my own book layouts and pagination, seeing how those crossover spreads land, making sure my bleeds are correct… and the best part is, it’s totally free to use as often as I need. Try it now!

Random Deep Feelings Leo Mendez

Overcoming Unexpected Challenges, Achieving Success

The journey to publish “Random Deep Feelings” by Leo Mendez encountered some unexpected obstacles. As his collaborator, I was emotionally invested in making sure Leo’s debut book was absolutely perfect. From our earliest interactions, I connected with Leo’s artistic vision and wanted to ensure a flawless experience.

To solidify his excitement, my colleague and I sent Leo a hard copy proof featuring a luxurious soft-touch cover lamination. He loved the physical book – a beautiful realization of his hard work.

Unfortunately, an initial print error threatened to derail the project. The first batch of books arrived with a sepia tone wash over the photos, which were meant to be black and white. This quality control misstep was a disappointing setback.

However, the team at PrintingCenterUSA worked quickly to rectify the issue. We understand that mistakes happen, but at PrintingCenterUSA, we have a strong satisfaction guarantee policy. We’ll work hard to make it right, every time. In this case, we immediately reprinted the books, and I personally checked the quality to ensure they met our standards. The new batch was shipped to Leo at no additional cost. This unwavering commitment is what sets us apart and ensures every customer receives a product that exceeds their expectations.

The Power of Print

Leo’s story reminds us of the profound power of print. In a world saturated with digital media, there’s something undeniably special about holding a tangible work of art in your hands. We at PrintingCenterUSA are honored to have played a small part in helping Leo Mendez share his creative legacy with the world.

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