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Having a story to tell is basic human instinct. Whether we are out in a social setting with friends, immersed in office talk with our coworkers, or just catching up with family, we all want to be heard. That has been ingrained into us since we were children, when it felt that our imaginations could run wild with content that was not judged because it was make believe. Our stories were the echoes of our memories. As we grew, we channeled those stories into our daily lives to help us push forward in work or just for the sheer entertainment of those around us. What story would you share now with your younger self? What entertainment value would you provide? Would it be one of fantasy or one of education? Here at PrintingCenterUSA, we give you the tools to bring that story to a physical form, we grant you full access to bring it to life.

Theodor Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss, originally began his career as an English teacher but thanks to a push from his wife Helen, he became an illustrator. His illustrations eventually involved into the stories we know and love today. His understanding of words and imaginative characters really brought his stories to life. “You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

Just knowing that you are here, looking for the ideas on how to publish your children’s book, we know that you are ready to steer yourself in the right direction. You have created the story and spent the time analyzing every word and adjusting every mark of grammar until it has been perfected. Now comes the easy and yes, fun part; choosing the specifications that will help bring your story into its rightful form. Do you want a heavy book, a light book, a book that can fit into the smallest of hands, or one that can live a life in the backpack of a busy teenager?

PrintingCenterUSA offers a variety of paper sizes, bindings, and weights that will ultimately be the perfect fit for your vision. Our Paperback Book Printing “Get Started” ( blog dives deeper into the choices you can make when choosing your specifications.

For example, when choosing your paper would you prefer a matte or gloss coating? Our matte paper offers you a smooth velvet look that will look perfect with sizable amounts of text. It will be clean enough to read but durable enough to withhold the tendencies of a child. Our gloss paper on the other hand will make your images pop and stand out in their glory by electrifying the colors on the page. Small children will instantly gravitate to a gloss paper because its coating is reflective and shiny.

Another example of a specification would be our binding option. Children love carrying their books around and sharing them, especially when they are in love with the story. A saddle stitch binding would be a perfect choice if you are looking for a lightweight easy to grab book. The staple stitching offers a flexibility that is limitless when it comes to how it’s handled. It is the best choice if you would like a book that lays flat. If you have more than 28 pages, a perfect bound book may be an option you consider instead. It offers the durability of lasting for years to come and the spine allows for many more pages to be included in your book as well, up to 800!

A UV High Gloss would also be a great way to ensure your book will last a lifetime longer than your kids initial interest. This cover finish protects against scratching and scuffing and really increases the overall look of your book. Its high shine is highly attractive to any reader as it draws them fully in to want to explore. It is definitely a recommended option for children’s books regardless of the binding that you choose.

A children’s book that we recently printed used the following specifications to bring their book to life.

If you have the story, but still need assistance with the layout, we offer a variety of book templates that can guide you for that. Booklet Templates | PrintingCenterUSA These templates offer the bleeds and precise layout that we are needing to print your book. Your files do need to be print ready files and our print ready tips in our help center offers the best information on how to adequately set your files up for success.

If you need that further push in the right direction, we also offer our Online Design tool that, just like the imagination of a child, can allow you to run wild with ideas and layouts. Check out another one of our recent blogs to see how you too can create your book using our online tool! New Online Design Tools (

Once you have chosen your specifications and uploaded your files, you are ready to go! A proof will be created for you so that you may see a preview of your book. Once approved, your book will be ready for production! In a little less than two weeks you will see your hard work paid off as you will finally have your children’s book in your hand! As a huge bonus, creating an account with us, will allow you to access your book again and again. You can order as many as you need for all the kids that you wish to reach with your story.

Additionally, if you’ve been wrestling with the idea of how many to print, as a bulk printing specialist we offer you more bang for your buck. The more you order, the more you save overall!

Whether it is a story you created when you were a child, or a story you created for a child, PrintingCenterUSA is here to make your self-publishing dreams a reality. Let us be the echo of a new memory in your life!

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