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Ready to become a printing pro and level up your marketing? Hi! I’m Zoe, the marketing assistant here at Printing Center USA. I simplify complex topics with easy-to-follow tutorials and content designed to educate and empower. My mission is to demystify printing to equip your business’s marketing strategy with endless tools and ideas! Get ready for fresh social media tips and a dash of my “embrace the challenge” philosophy as I share our monthly content blogs and quick tip guides. Connect with me on Linkedin
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Book vs Booklet: Differences, Similarities, Sizes & More

Learn the differences between books vs booklets–including page count, binding, & use cases–to choose the right one for your printing project.

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Do you have an important project you need printed but aren’t really sure what the difference is between book vs booklet? We’ve got you covered. There are varied views on what constitutes a book versus a booklet. Though the words are very similar, in the
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