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A Guy, A Book, and A Revolution: The Story of Bedside Reading

“It’s always about a guy… until it isn’t.” Jane Ubell-Meyer, founder of Bedside Reading, knows firsthand how heartbreak can ignite unexpected inspiration – and create a truly unforgettable story.

Her young and restless heart raced at his irresistible invitation: “Learn to scuba dive, and I’ll take you to the Caribbean.” Visions of turquoise waters and thrilling adventures fueled her determination. She longed for seven days in paradise with him, the one who held her heart. With unwavering resolve, she jumped in head first. She committed to grueling scuba lessons, even though she hated every second of it. But for him, she was more than willing.

Yet, all too quickly her vision of paradise with him turned into misery. She found herself on that Caribbean island with a broken heart and a dismissive companion. “I like you, but I’m not into you that way, let’s just be friends,” he suggested, shattering her dreams with every word.

The sting of rejection was sharp, the sense of isolation on that island profound. But within the wreckage of her shattered fantasies, a forgotten treasure lay nestled amidst her belongings – a book.

Within its pages, she found a world far more captivating than the one she’d been promised.

A Book as Unexpected Refuge

In those pre-internet days, distraction was scarce on a remote island. Yet, there was one thing she brought with her – a thick book gifted by her stepmother. Initially hesitant, Jane cracked it open. It was Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice, and it would soon become the book that changed everything.

Immersed in the pages, she found escape and comfort. The captivating story mended her broken spirit and sparked a realization: amidst luxurious hotels designed for relaxation, engaging reading material was often absent.

This became the catalyst for Bedside Reading.

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Bedside Reading: Curating Transformative Experiences

Armed with her own love of literature and a keen eye for curating experiences, Jane built a company that elevates the hotel stay.

Understanding the power of a great book to transport and inspire, Bedside Reading transforms ordinary hotel rooms into havens of literary discovery.

Jane and her team meticulously select high-quality books that appeal to discerning travelers, going far beyond the mass-market paperbacks often found in hotels. This curated approach creates an oasis for relaxation and intellectual stimulation, inviting guests to escape into captivating stories.

Learn more about Bedside Reading’s Author Programs here.

A Passion for Print Fuels Collaboration

At PrintingCenterUSA, we’re passionate about the power of print and a great story. That’s why, when we came across the beautiful and unique catalog produced for Bedside Reading, we knew there was an amazing story to be shared.

Jane’s company not only champions the transformative power of books, but also recognizes the importance of high-quality print in presenting them to the world. This shared passion has ignited a collaboration, making Bedside Reading an official brand ambassador for PrintingCenterUSA.

Bedside Reading’s Impact & Future

Bedside Reading’s influence extends far beyond the pages of its curated collections.

Authors benefit significantly from increased exposure and sales, finding new audiences among discerning travelers.

For guests, Bedside Reading transforms their hotel stay into a more enriching and memorable experience. Articles and reviews consistently praise the company for introducing travelers to new and thought-provoking reads, showcasing the positive impact on both the literary world and hospitality industry.

Jane’s vision for Bedside Reading is one of continuous growth and innovation. She aims to partner with even more hotels, expanding her reach and ensuring that even more travelers have access to exceptional literary experiences.

Additionally, the new digital platform, allowing guests to browse titles directly on their hotel room TVs, demonstrates Bedside Reading’s commitment to seamlessly integrating literature into the luxury travel experience.

Ultimately, Jane’s goal is simple yet profound: to ensure that every hotel guest has the opportunity to unwind and be captivated by a great book.

The Power of Shared Values

The collaboration between Bedside Reading and PrintingCenterUSA underscores our common belief in the enduring value of print. Through high-quality materials and thoughtful design, we bring stories to life – whether in a beautifully bound book nestled on a hotel nightstand or in the very catalog showcasing Bedside Reading’s unique offering.

Start Your Story

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler seeking your next great read or an author hoping to expand your reach, Bedside Reading opens doors to discovery and connection. Visit their website to learn more.

Inspired by Bedside Reading’s passion for print?

Make your print materials as captivating as a great book and transform your own projects with PrintingCenterUSA. Request a free quote today!

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