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Calendars Case Study Success Series

Wilderness Whisperer: A Photographer’s Journey to Print Success

Part of our Success Series, this article unveils the inspiring journey of a wilderness whisperer. Discover how a dedicated photographer transformed her love for nature into standout photography calendars, marking a notable chapter in print success.

Martha Ture – Mt. Tamalpais Photos Success Series From the peaks of Mt. Tamalpais to the vast expanses of untouched wilderness, Martha Ture’s camera lens has captured moments that few have witnessed. Her deep-rooted connection with the natural world is not just about photography;  ...

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Create a Brand Book | Tips and Examples for your Style Guide

Brand style guides are crucial for defining your company's values and identity. We'll look at creating a brand book and examples from leading companies.

Every business owner, marketing employee, and graphic designer should understand that when it comes to brand recognition, consistency is key to generating loyalty in a customer. This means that following well-established brand identity, i.e. fonts, colors, imagery, tone, etc, could increase  ...

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Why You Should Make an Apparel Catalog to Showcase Your Clothing Line

Apparel catalogs are a great because they help boost sales. Try adding a fashion lookbook to your marketing strategy to bring in new customers.

If you’re in the apparel industry, you may be looking for more ways to expand your reach and bring in new customers. Whether it’s outdoor, women’s or kids’ apparel, there are no shortages of potential customers around, locally or nationally. Although marketing your clothing brand online might  ...

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