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Behind Her Brand: Sharing Stories, Building Community Through Print

Do you have big dreams, but feel unsure about how to achieve them? Kimberly DeShields-Spencer, founder of Behind Her Brand, can inspire and guide you on your journey.

For over 28 years, Kimberly DeShields-Spencer has dedicated herself to empowering women. Her journey began with a book series focused on women’s stories. Today, Behind Her Brand is a bi-monthly print magazine and inclusive community for modern professional women.

We are a company of women business owners and career professionals who embody traits of risk-taking, creativity, focus, family orientation, purpose-driven mindset, and unwavering commitment. We are dedicated to constructing businesses and careers that bring blessings not only to our families but also to the communities we serve.” – Kimberly DeShields-Spencer, Editor in Chief, Behind Her Brand

Ready to be inspired by a powerhouse female entrepreneur dedicated to empowering women through authentic storytelling? Behind Her Brand delivers! As a fellow designer and editor, I’m consistently impressed by this magazine’s engaging content, professional layout, and the dedication it takes to produce such high-quality work on a bi-monthly schedule. Now, let’s unfold the story about what makes Behind Her Brand so special.

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer

The Heart of Behind Her Brand

For nearly three decades, Kimberly DeShields-Spencer has dedicated her career to empowering women. It all began with a simple yet powerful desire: to hear their stories and create a space where they could grow, heal, and connect authentically.

Kimberly understands the loneliness and imposter syndrome many women feel in the business world. Behind Her Brand offers a remedy, sharing real, unfiltered accounts of women’s journeys – the successes, the setbacks, and the ongoing process of growth. By emphasizing shared experiences, Kimberly creates a powerful sense of community and belonging.

“There’s so much value in the journey,” Kimberly explains. “Behind Her Brand is a safe space where women can see the ups, the downs, and the lessons learned along the way. It’s about celebrating authenticity, helping women realize they’re not alone, and encouraging them to show up honest, show up real.”

A Leader with Impact

Kimberly is more than just the founder of Behind Her Brand – she’s a powerhouse. She leads multiple companies, is a best-selling author, podcaster, and sought-after speaker. Throughout all her ventures, she focuses on empowering women and helping them break down the barriers they face, both internal and external.

“There’s no boring minute” is how Kimberly describes her work. She thrives on the constant influx of new stories, the connections forged, and the impact her platform has on its audience. Behind Her Brand isn’t just a magazine; it’s a safe space for women to be heard, understood, and inspired.

For Kimberly, the magazine is just one piece of the puzzle. She fosters a vibrant community through networking events, workshops, and online webinars. It’s a place where women can come together, share experiences, and learn from each other.

The Power of Print and Purpose

For Kimberly, print is essential. She believes in the tangible power of a magazine, stating that “it has the ability to reach out and touch your audience in ways only print can.” Her commitment to quality fosters a dedicated readership, and she prefers traditional printing for the control it offers. Unlike print-on-demand services, she maintains complete control over marketing and distribution, ensuring her message reaches the right audience. Partnering with PrintingCenterUSA allows her to print her magazines and deliver them directly to select Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and H-E-B stores, ensuring quality and minimizing waste.

That’s where PrintingCenterUSA comes in. “I found them through a Google search and was drawn to their overwhelmingly positive reviews,” Kimberly recalls. “They print my magazines beautifully and drop-ship them directly to the Barnes & Noble and Books A Million stores I choose. I’ve been with them ever since!” This model gives Kimberly flexibility, saves her time, and allows her to focus on building her community.

Behind Her Brand Magazine

The Magazine

Behind Her Brand is a place where successful women share their stories with remarkable honesty. Kimberly gracing every cover reinforces this atmosphere of vulnerability and openness. She reminds readers that we all have struggles and triumphs, and it’s in sharing them that we find true connection. Here’s what you’ll find within its pages:

  • Real Stories, Real Inspiration: Discover the authentic journeys of successful women from diverse backgrounds. Learn from their triumphs, their setbacks, and the wisdom they’ve gained along the way.
  • A Supportive Community: Feel seen and understood as you read stories that resonate with your own experiences. Know that you’re not alone in the challenges and joys of building a career and life you love.
  • Actionable Insights: Go beyond inspiration and gain practical tools to help you overcome obstacles, embrace your authenticity, and step into your full potential.

Customer Testimonials

“For all my magazine friends, this bimonthly magazine is beautiful… 104 page, perfect bound, gorgeous photos and it’s filled with knowledge, wisdom and life lessons from incredible and successful women. Oh, and… every issue will bless a young lady between the ages of 11-18, because Kimberly has a heart for pouring into the next generation.” – Pam Linne

“If you want to find inspiration, real talk and wisdom between the pages of a beautifully done magazine from leaders, change agents, community builders, cultivators and innovators- subscribe today. And if you hesitate to do so, you ain’t ready but we’ll keep waiting for you!” – Pamela Benson Owens

Where to Find Behind Her Brand

  • National Retailers: Look for Behind Her Brand at select Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and H-E-B locations across the US.
  • Subscriptions: Never miss an issue! Subscribe directly through the Behind Her Brand website here.

Behind Her Brand Magazine

Looking to the Future

While print remains her cornerstone, Kimberly is always looking ahead. The future of Behind Her Brand includes multimedia content – YouTube videos, podcasts, and even a streaming series featuring the powerful stories she collects.

PrintingCenterUSA is proud to partner with Behind Her Brand, a business that shares our commitment to quality and customer service. We’re excited to continue supporting Kimberly’s mission and watch the impact of her work unfold.

Look for more stories about Behind Her Brand coming soon right here on Print Talk Blog as we journey with Kimberly in her future endeavors!

Discover Behind Her Brand Video Series here for endless storytelling.

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