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Graduation Gift Guide: 5 Custom Gifts They’ll Obsess Over

Looking for graduation gifts that go beyond the ordinary? A personalized gift that will hold memories for years to come for you, your grad, friends, and family alike? Look no further!

I’ve curated a list of unique and personalized treasures I know your graduate will absolutely love! These aren’t just gifts, they’re time capsules of joy, laughter, and the incredible bond you share – the kinds of gifts that create lasting memories, inspired by gifts I’ve made for my own graduate. Get ready to see their face light up with pure delight!

Enjoy! – Jessica, Creative Director

Graduation Gift Guide

Memory Photo Books: A Treasured Journey Through Time

From goofy first-day-of-school pics to triumphant cap-and-gown shots, their school years are a treasure trove of moments. Capture the magic in a photo book that’s more than just pages – it’s a portal to reliving the inside jokes, the victories, the friendships that shaped them. BONUS: Create it any way you like! Senior year memories, Elementary to High School, the sky is the limit!

Gift one to your grad, keep one for those misty-eyed moments, then surprise their BFF, favorite teacher, and send to grandparents and more!

Get 10 6×6″ Square Perfect Bound Photo Books Starting at $13.22 each**

Create Your Custom Photo Book Now

**$13.22 each for 10 custom perfect bound photo books, 6×6″ square size, 28 pages, (4/4) full color both sides on all pages, 100# gloss cover, 100# gloss text inside pages, no cover finish, 3 business days printing time, unit price only valid for these exact specifications.

Graduation Gift Guide

Custom Photo Calendars to Deliver Smiles Daily!

Every month, a new wave of nostalgia! Transform their favorite school pics into a year-long adventure. Imagine the grin on their face as they flip to prom night in June or that hilarious field trip in October. This isn’t just a calendar, it’s a time machine for their heart. BONUS! You can customize the calendar as a 16 month calendar and start it in June 2024 so everyone can enjoy it right away!

One for them, one for you, one for grandma… the more, the merrier! Let the smiles ripple outwards.

Get 10 Custom 16 Month Photo Wall Calendars Starting at $23.11 each**

Create Your Custom Photo Calendar Now

**$23.11 each for 10 saddle stitch wall calendars, size 11×8.5″ with 16-month (36 pages), (4/4) full color both sides, 80# gloss cover paper, 100# gloss text paper inside pages, no cover finish, 3 business days printing time, unit price only valid for these exact specifications.

The Graduation Keepsake Magazine: A Gift as Unique as They Are!

Forget the boring ceremony booklet! Create a magazine-style masterpiece that captures the essence of their senior year. Think candid photos, quotes from friends, even that embarrassing story they thought they’d buried. It’s a yearbook, a scrapbook, and a celebration rolled into one!

Order enough for the grad, the whole family, friends, and even gift a few to the teachers who helped them shine.

Get 10 Custom Program Magazines Starting at $8.24 each**

Create Your Custom Magazine Now

**$8.24 each for 10 custom magazines, 8.5×11″ size, (4/4) full color both sides, 8 pages, self cover, 100# gloss text with (4/4) full color, saddle stitch binding on left edge, 3 business days printing time, unit price only valid for these exact specifications.

Custom Postcard Invitations: Party Like It’s Their Personal Brand!

Ditch the cookie-cutter invites! Let their party reflect their one-of-a-kind personality. Whimsical pastels? Bold geometric patterns? Anything you want! BONUS: order extras and transform them into quirky notes or future “just because” cards.

Order a set of 25 invitations, or more extras just for fun!

Get 25 Custom Invitation Postcards Starting at $3.14 each**

Create Your Custom Postcards Now

**$3.14 each for 25 postcards, size 4×6″ 1 version/lot, 25 per version, (4/4) Full Color Both Sides, 14 PT gloss cover paper, no finish, 3 business days printing time, unit price only valid for these exact specifications.

time capsule book

Spiral Keepsake Book & Scrapbook: The Ultimate Time Capsule!

This isn’t just a guest book; it’s a portal to the heart of their celebration. Imagine pages filled with heartfelt messages, hilarious doodles, even tear-stained confessions. Use them as mini scrapbooks, save everything from the napkins to the confetti! Give one to your grad, let them create one with BFFs, and have family fill another. It’s a trio of treasures to revisit for years to come. BONUS: Use uncoated paper on the inside pages for easy writing!

Think of it as a scrapbook, a diary, and a hug from everyone they love, all in one spiral-bound masterpiece.

10 Custom Spiral Books Starting at $10.80 each**

**$10.80 each for 10 custom landscape spiral bound notebooks, 8.5×5.5″ size, 20 pages, (4/4) full color both sides, 100# matte cover, 70# uncoated text Inside pages, no cover finish, spiral binding on left side, 3 business days printing time, unit price valid for these exact specifications.

Create Your Custom Graduation Gifts with PrintingCenterUSA

PrintingCenterUSA isn’t just about printing; we’re about turning moments into magic. Explore our collection of creative graduation gifts and start crafting gifts that’ll spark joy, laughter, and maybe even a happy tear or two. This is more than graduation; it’s the beginning of their next chapter. Make it unforgettable!

Click here to explore our collection and let the magic of personalized graduation gifts begin! Your perfect Graduation Gifts are waiting to be created.

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