How To Get Better Booklet Printing Prices Than Kinkos®, Staples®, and Office Max®

Better Prices than Kinkos staples and office maxBooklet printing can be really expensive, especially when you turn to your national chain locations in your city like Kinkos (FedEx Office®), Staples®, or Office Max®. These three well known places can be a good solution if you’re trying to just get one or two copies printed – but have you seen the prices when you need to order more? It all starts to seem a little ridiculous. But don’t worry! There is a better way to get the booklet printing prices that won’t break the bank.

Here we will go over some of the differences between our booklet printing services and theirs, help you understand why they cost so much more, and how we can help you save money.

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PrintingCenterUSA Has Better Booklet Printing Prices Than Anyone Else

There are many reasons that some of our printing competitors like Kinkos®, Staples®, or Office Max® are so expensive. The main reason, though, is because printing presses, press operators, and prepress operators that can handle larger orders are extremely expensive. These large corporations are already making enough money by selling products and printing easy one-offs to even think about investing millions of dollars into the printing equipment and automation that they would need to compete with our pricing. Basically, getting into the printing game is a can of worms that they just don’t need.

PrintingCenterUSA is here for one purpose: to print. We don’t sell staplers, office chairs, or desktop printers, and we obviously aren’t one of the primary shipping centers in the nation (cough cough Fed Ex®). We specifically specialize in multi-page book, booklet, calendar, brochure, flyer printing and so much more at both short run digital and bulk offset quantities. By focusing on just printing for the past 50 years, we have been able to streamline our processes more and more, which makes us much more cost efficient than competitors.

Cost Comparison

For booklet printing prices, an inexpensive and popular option is to print 8.5” x 11” saddle stitched booklets. We’ve attached a picture of our booklet printing pricing tool below and Office Depot/Office Max’s®  for a price comparison.

PrintingCenterUSA Check-1

printing center usa pricing

At PrintingCenterUSA  our pricing tool shows a 24 page booklet at 100 quantity and 80# Gloss Text for the paper. The cost here is $226.68, which is $572.32 CHEAPER than Office Max. Not only that, but uou can see there are lots of options that we offer so that you can completely customize your booklet as much as you want. Unlike these other chain competitors, you can easily order saddle stitch, perfect bound, spiral, and wire-o binding options within one tool.


office max pricing

At Office Max® which is now the same as Office Depot®, there was a booklet option online, although not easy to find. We found that their pricing tool is over-simplified with a lot fewer customizing options to choose from. For 100 24-page booklets printed on 80# paper, the price is $799.00, over triple what we offer. Plus, you can’t get an estimate of the shipping cost on this pricing tool like you can with PrintingCenterUSA’s, so the shipping cost will be an unwanted surprise at checkout.

When you look at Staples®, we had trouble even finding a booklet printing option online. Their menu have a booklet option, but it redirects you to find a store and go inside. We’ve had to settle for manual printing, and as you can tell from our screenshot below, a 10-page coil bound manual starts at $9.68, for one booklet! Customizing from there will only increase the cost. To understand how shockingly expensive this is, our comparable option (Spiral Binding – 10 page – full color – 100# Cover and Text) starts at $5.45 each when you order 10. If you order 100? The per-piece cost goes down to $2.03

Fed Ex

At FedEx Office® (Kinkos), we were unable to find a saddle-stitched booklet printing option. Their printing prices were one of the most expensive we’ve found online. For only 4 pages, black and white on 32# paper (fairly low quality for booklet printing), single sided, and coil bound, the price was $755 for 100 copies. The options to customize were limited, and again, we have no idea the cost to ship it to us once it’s been printed.

Unmatchable Customer Service 

Now that you’ve seen the cost differences between some of the most well-known and popular printing companies, we want to talk about customer service. Choosing large corporations like Fed Ex® means you’re not getting the outstanding customer service that we offer. We have a 43-point file checklist that is personally checked by our customer service representatives. When you become a repeat customer with us, you get a person who manages your account personally. This means that we answer your questions personally, and get to know you on a deeper level than companies like FedEx® or Staples®.

We also offer free digital proofing, hard copies (for a charge) if you need them, provide free templates and design tools to help you and more. Other companies only print what you send them without providing a proof of what it will look like when printed. This causes the customer to have to pay the cost themselves to reprint if there is an error with the file setup for print. With us, you must go through a proof approval process so any potential red flags with your project can be addressed and fixed. You can even upload your files before ordering to receive a FREE file review so you can print with confidence.

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Quality Products At Amazing Prices

Another thing that sets Printing Center USA apart from its competitors is our satisfaction guarantee. We take a personal stock in every single job that is printed with us. Because we are a smaller company that relies on your positive feedback for business, it’s important to us that every job is printed perfectly, at prices that won’t break the bank.

Better Prices than Kinkos staples and office max

When you’re ready to print high quality booklets, start with our booklet printing pricing tool. We make it easy to see exactly what you’re paying. We pride ourselves on transparency and offering only the best when it comes to printing. No matter what you’re printing, we’ve got a solution for you.

So How Can You Get Better Booklet Printing Prices than Kinkos®, Staples®, and Office Max®?

Order With PrintingCenterUSA.

Stop wasting your money on products you probably won’t love when it finally ships. Instead, choose a #1 Rated Printing Company that specializes in booklet printing. It is our mission to offer only the best when it comes to online printing services, from our products to our customer service. Don’t believe us? Check out our hundreds of great reviews from our loyal customers.

Our slogan is fast, easy, and affordable, and we’d love to prove it to you. Contact us today for a custom quote or if you have questions about our booklet printing prices.

*Our prices, as well as our competitors, fluctuate throughout the year. The pricing mentioned and shown above are accurate for the time that this article was posted. 

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