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A Motorcycle, a Cookbook, and a Dream: Meet Amanda Zito, the Moto-Chef

Picture this: you’re cruising down a scenic highway, the thrill of the ride fueling your appetite.

But as the sun sets, you know the usual awaits – boring camp food or a greasy roadside burger.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to savor a delicious, homemade meal under the stars instead?

Meet Amanda Zito, the motorcycle adventurer who turned her dream into reality. Her new cookbook, The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook, is your ticket to gourmet meals on the go.

Are you a rider who craves more than canned soup and freeze-dried meals on your journeys? Amanda Zito, author of The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook, knows exactly how you feel. After a decade of motorcycle camping, she’d had enough of lackluster camp meals and decided it was time for an upgrade.

Frustrated by the limited options available, Amanda embarked on a culinary adventure in 2016. This wasn’t just about creating recipes; she wanted to perfect the art of motorcycle camp cooking. Years of experimenting led to The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook – your guide to turning those roadside stops into gourmet experiences.

Now, let’s unpack the story behind this mastermind, Amanda Zito.

Motorcycle Camp Cookbook Amanda Zito

The Road to “Moto Meals”

With a motorcycle as her constant companion since 2011, Amanda embarked on long camping journeys that fueled her soul but frustrated her taste buds. In 2016, a desire to connect with her Montana roots led to extended trips where canned soup became an unwelcome staple. “I realized I was sick of the same old thing,” Amanda admits, “and set out to bring good, real food to my campsite.”

What started as a personal craving evolved into a full-fledged project. In 2020, as she neared the impressive milestone of visiting every continental US state by motorcycle, Amanda decided it was time to share the camp cooking knowledge she’d gained.

Motorcycle Camp Cookbook

The Viral Success and a New Dream

Amanda’s cookbook and YouTube channel quickly gained a devoted following. ‘The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook’ was a smash hit, with its crowdfunding campaign reaching its $5,000 goal in a mere two hours and earning a coveted spot on Indiegogo’s front page! This success allowed Amanda to make a major life change – focusing on her YouTube channel full-time. With newfound freedom, her cookbook dream continued to grow, and she began securing exciting brand partnerships.

“Moto Meals”: Practical and Delicious

‘The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook’ is the embodiment of Amanda’s years of experimentation. It features single-serving recipes – easily adaptable for groups – designed with the motorcycle camper in mind:

  • Long-distance friendly: Recipes designed to keep you fueled without the need for a cooler.
  • Minimalist gear: Most recipes need only a single-burner stove.
  • Single-serving portions: Perfect for solo travelers or easily doubled for groups.
  • No-fuss ingredients: Grab what you need and head out, no home prep necessary.

‘The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook’ is a complete resource for motorcycle campers, offering delicious recipes alongside expert tips on food storage, camp setup, and the minimalist equipment that makes it all possible.

Motorcycle camp cookbook amanda zito

Amanda recognizes that motorcycle camp cooking can be intimidating for beginners. Her cookbook eases those worries with an introduction filled with helpful tips on essential gear – stoves, pots, and even how to choose a water filter.

Amanda Zito’s passion for good food and her love of motorcycle travel shines through in this cookbook. If you want to elevate your camp meals, this is a must-have addition to your pack!

Motorcycle Camp Cookbook

Recipe Spotlight: Campfire French Toast

Ditch the soggy bread and messy cleanup! Amanda Zito’s French Toast recipe breaks free from traditional camp cooking woes.

The Almond Butter Twist: Forget sticky syrup – top your toast with creamy almond butter and a sprinkle of pecans for a unique and satisfying crunch.

Minimalist Setup: A single-burner stove and nonstick skillet are all you need for this breakfast treat.

Want more? Grab your copy of ‘The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook’ and elevate your outdoor eats!

The Amanda Effect: Inspiration for Creators

Amanda’s story is a powerful reminder of the amazing things that can happen when we fearlessly chase our dreams. Here’s a deeper look at why she’s an inspiration for creators of all kinds:

  • Pursue your passions with relentless focus: Amanda’s love for motorcycles propelled her on an extraordinary adventure. Her passion is the foundation of everything she’s built.
  • Document the journey – and share it with the world: Amanda turned her passion into a YouTube channel, inviting her audience along for the ride and capturing every exciting step.
  • Embrace your multi-talented self: Amanda isn’t just a rider; she’s a powerhouse creative force. As an author, graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer, she took ownership of every aspect of her book’s creation.
  • The self-driven path: Amanda didn’t wait for someone to hand her an opportunity. She teamed up with a self-publishing partner to bring her work to life, proving a traditional route isn’t the only path to success.
  • Content is king (or queen): Amanda’s success isn’t just about her book – the engaging YouTube content she creates keeps her audience connected and invested in her journey.
  • Community: Key to continued success: Amanda’s dedicated fans are a testament to her ability to connect authentically with her audience. By fostering this community, she created a powerful engine for growth.

Amanda’s story shows us that being a successful creator means wearing many hats. If you have an unwavering passion and the drive to build something from the ground up, the sky is truly the limit!

Amanda Zito

Ambitions Beyond the Campfire

Amanda’s adventurous spirit knows no bounds. Having conquered motorcycle tours of all 48 contiguous United States, she now dreams of tackling the rugged beauty of Alaska. This epic motorcycle journey with her brother in August of 2025 will make Amanda one of the few riders to say they’ve toured all 50 states on two wheels! Determined to make this dream a reality, Amanda is already exploring fundraising options like crowdfunding, sponsorships, and new merchandise to help make her journey possible.

Ready to upgrade your camp cooking? Grab your copy of ‘The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook’ today!

Inspired by Amanda’s story? Follow her adventures on YouTube

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We’re proud to support Amanda’s creative endeavors and are excited to see what she achieves next. Her story underscores the kind of impact we aim to have on independent creators: providing the tools and resources to elevate their projects and reach new audiences.

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Congratulations, Amanda – we can’t wait to see what you do next!

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