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Quilt Easy: Lori Dickman’s Secret to Stress-Free Stitches

Quilting can be a breeze, and Lori Dickman’s got the keys. Meet Lori Dickman the quilting genius who turns every challenge into a joy-filled experience. Known for her speedy solutions to quilt issues, Lori has introduced a fresh perspective to quilting, making it more fun and less frustrating. Her infectious enthusiasm and practical advice have earned her a loyal following of quilters who adore her.

At the heart of Lori’s business are her lifesaving books created for quilters looking to streamline their process. Lori’s books, printed with precision and care by PrintingCenterUSA, offer practical solutions to common quilting problems, helping quilters save time and enjoy their craft more fully.

quilting with lori

Lori has been weaving magic with fabric since the mid-1980s, and the quilting world has taken notice! Her stunning quilts and garments have snagged awards in contests across the country, proving that her talent and creativity know no bounds. Five of her breathtaking art quilts are even traveling the nation in prestigious quilt exhibits, solidifying her status as a quilting superstar.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there! Lori’s incredible work is about to be featured in a national publication. Keep an eye out for her quilt in the McCall’s Quilt Magazine 2024 Winter Edition, where her exceptional artistry will be showcased for all to admire.

The Secret Sauce

What makes Lori’s approach different? It’s her knack for turning quilting challenges into joyful experiences. Lori identifies the pain points quilters face—like organizing fabric stashes and following complex patterns—and provides easy, effective solutions. Lori brings her solutions to life with engaging, easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials. These videos make even the most daunting quilting tasks fun and approachable. Her positive attitude and clear instructions empower quilters to tackle their projects with confidence and joy.

Lori Dickman Zoom Session

But Lori doesn’t stop at online tutorials. She also teaches and lectures for Quilt Guilds and other organizations, sharing her extensive knowledge and passion for quilting. Her engaging teaching style and practical tips make her classes a hit among quilters of all levels. Lori even hosts interactive Zoom workshops, bringing her expert advice and infectious enthusiasm to quilters everywhere.

Lori’s personal quilt patterns further inspire creativity and innovation in the quilting community.

For more information, visit Lori’s website and check out her Facebook group.

Lori Dickman Quilt Design

Perfect Partners in Quilting: Lori and PrintingCenterUSA

Imagine a match made in quilting heaven—Lori Dickman and PrintingCenterUSA are just that. This duo ensures that every page of Lori’s books is printed to perfection, making the quilting process as seamless as possible. Lori uses wire-o, spiral, and perfect bound books to offer her audience the best in functionality and durability.

PrintingCenterUSA’s precision and excellence are the secret ingredients that make Lori’s books shine. They’re not just eye candy; With the spiral binding being her preferred choice, they’re built to last, ready to handle all the flipping and thumbing through that quilters do. With top-notch quality and durability, Lori’s solutions are always reliable, making quilting a breeze for her audience.

Always a Great Experience! Working with is a great experience. The service reps are professional, knowledgeable and helpful. The product is top notch. It is a pleasure to order my books and booklets through
– Lori Dickman

She doesn’t have to worry about the printing process because she knows it’s in the hands of experts who share her high standards. This perfect partnership means that quilters everywhere get the best of both worlds: Lori’s creative genius and PrintingCenterUSA’s dependable quality.

quilting with lori

Watch Lori In Action

To see Lori’s techniques and tips in action, watch her engaging and informative YouTube tutorials like the one below:

What’s Next?

Lori’s journey is just beginning. With new quilt patterns, innovative organizational tools, and more tutorials on the horizon, she’s committed to continuing her mission of making quilting a joyful and stress-free experience. Lori’s vision includes reaching even more quilters with her practical, problem-solving approach and spreading the joy of quilting far and wide.

Interested in learning with Lori? You’re in luck! Lori will be teaching on an upcoming Canada & New England, 9-night quilt cruise with Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas. This will be from August 29th to September 7th 2024.

Get Inspired

Lori Dickman shows us that quilting can be joyful and practical at the same time. Her smart, fun solutions have made her a favorite in the quilting world. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or just starting out, Lori’s methods will inspire you to pick up your fabric and start stitching with a smile.

At PrintingCenterUSA, we’re thrilled to support talented creators like Lori Dickman. If you have a crafty idea or a project that needs a professional touch, we’re here to help you bring your vision to life. Let Lori’s story motivate you to take your quilting projects to the next level with high-quality printed materials you can rely on.

Happy Quilting!

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